General Practice

Dr. Divi is a Family Doctor, Certified Mind-Body Medicine coach & Certified Medical Intuitive. She has a very holistic approach to health. With the variety of her studies, she offers both regular MSP care as well as an integrated practice.

Dr. Divi beleives that health is more than just waiting till you get sick. In ancient cultures of health, ayurvedic medicine, traditional chinese medicine & more, the body was believed to be linked to our diet, our thoughts, our emotions and our lifestyle. In the Western medical approach, we believe the body is distinct and separate from our emotions, thoughts, diets and lives. Most people who experience any chronic illness who have tried this external approach report little long-lasting healing.

Because of this, Dr. Divi works in an integrated practice, in which she offers BOTH the classic Western Medical model as well as a practice in which we look at all areas of your life, and look at the connection between the body, the nutrition, the thoughts, the emotions & more. In this integrated model, we have much more hope and possibility for true healing of the body.

The holistic approach works very well for all illness - and especially chronic health issues. 

Dr. Divi works to help every client both from the inside and the outside. Her ultimate goal is to empower YOU and help you to help YOURSELF.

She believes that this is possible for everyone, regardless of the illness. 

In fact, Mind Body Medicine has been studied to be the leading edge approach for all chronic health problems.

She believes that this two-pronged approach is truly the way to bring healing in & is the wave of the future.

Your care card (MSP services) will only cover the external model of health. To date, within current standards of practice, Dr. Divi is not able to show you the link between other things in your life and your health. Your care card will cover the approach that is standard by most physicians – looking for diagnosis and alopathic treatment options.

Dr. Divi offers this approach PLUS the internal model of health – where she looks inside and helps you to understand on a deeper level what steps you can take to improve your own health now.

Currently, MSP will cover routine health care, including meeting Dr.Divi, appropriate diagnostic studies, x-rays, blood work and treatment / consultations from specialists.

MSP does not, however, cover the integrated model of nutritional, preventative and mind-body advice that Dr. Divi is well versed in.

In the current model of medicine, we treat the body like a car. We treat the body from the outside with medications and tests as needed in the hope to settle down the symptoms. This treatment, however, does not look inside to see the root cause.

In the integrated model, we help to source the root or the cause and thereby release it at the root. Within Mind-Body Medicine, our goal is to help you get to the root imbalance that caused the dis-ease to begin with. With regular application of mind-body techniques, you will be able to be able to reverse the roots that caused the disease and be more in control of your health and well-being.

These techniques can be learned and Dr. Divi offers these teachings both by weekly courses and by weekend seminars. For members of her programs, she is then able to bring in those teachings into the regularly scheduled visits.

Dr. Divi offers the best of both worlds. You will have access to routine allopathic health care which is covered by your MSP card. In addition, you can have full access to all of the integrated techniques, nutritional, preventative and mind body approaches to both heal and prevent illness.

If you have additional questions, you may find your question answered here - FAQ’s

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Integrated Model Programs

 Bronze Program – $249/year (or split payments of 4x$65)

  • Weekly Mind Body Medicine Classes
  • Unlimited   1:1 appointments
  • Unlimited     Skype appointments
  • Integrated    Model including preventative and nutritional advice in appointments
  • Unrushed  15 minute appointments
  • All   form fees included
  • Phone  Prescriptions included
  • Email   contact (limit to 2/month)


Silver Program – $349/year (or split payments of 4x$90)

  •  One Weekend Mind Body Medicine Immersion
  • Unlimited   1:1 appointments
  • Unlimited   Skype appointments
  • Integrated  Model including preventative and nutritional advice in appointments
  • Unrushed  15 minute appointments
  • All  form fees included
  • Phone  Prescriptions included
  • Email  contact (limit to 4/month)


Gold Program – $549/year (or split payments of 4x$140)

  • Weekly Mind Body Medicine Classes
  • One Weekend Mind Body Medicine Immersion
  • Unlimited   1:1 appointments
  • Unlimited   Skype appointments
  • Integrated   Model including preventative and nutritional advice in appointments
  • Unrushed  15 minute appointments
  • All   form fees included
  • Phone  Prescriptions included
  • Email  contact (limit to 6/month)

 *All participants must have a valid MSP card

 All split payments are done on a monthly basis.

We have family rates.

Children under 18 are free (if a parent is a member)

You can join by phoning us at 604-739-3484 or via paypal link below.

All split payments must be done in person or via phone.


It is not a requirement to subscribe to any particular program to receive a health service at the Center. Individual Fees can be charged for non-insured services for clients not enrolled in a program.


A-La-Carte Fee List:

Weekly Teleseminar / Live Workshops – $199 (for six months)

Weekend Mind Body Immersions – $299

Form Fees – $20 and up

Phone Prescriptions – $20

Email advice – $20


Why would I join this practice?

Here is what people have said:

“I joined the bronze level, just to have Dr. Divi as my GP and to learn how to deal with anxiety. She is amazing. Besides the workshops, the money has paid for itself already. I can email Dr. Divi and she replies. I can skype her, and this saves me $$ from parking, time off of work & she even calls in prescriptions. It has actually saved me money.”

“I did the gold package. Best thing ever. This is very good value for your money. I actually thing Dr. Divi could charge double this, and you would get value. Her workshops are amazing. Some days, there are so many people, who want a piece of her – but that is because she is so good. Highly recommend the gold.”

“My family joined on the bronze package. It was an investment, but has paid off already 5 months later. Dr. Divi is very accessible and has given us great advice. Some of the advice she gave me, she couldnt give me if we hadnt joined as members. Her gift to be able to know what to say at the right time is really powerful. She suggested my daughter who has had chronic ear infections go off of dairy, which is not the routine health advice, and it has transformed our house hold. No more infections. No more antibiotics.”

“I joined  Dr. Divi’s practice a few months ago & am very impressed. It did cost me a bit of money, but I’ve made it back. She runs her appointments on time. She is efficient & she cares. Very different than the walk in clinics.”

“I had a work issue a few months ago, and I knew that I would be bringing Dr. Divi a lot of forms to fill out. I saw her package, and realized buying the membership saved me money plus. I dont have to pay for each form. At my old doctor’s office, each form was $50. Dr. Divi has done six of them so far for me, and I paid it in a lump annual fee & saved myself lots of money.”


Annual Memberships

Couples Memberships (2 people/Children Under 18 are free)