COVID Procedures – Dr. Divi Chandna, MD, Intuitive Coach


  1. If you or a family member are developing symptoms or have confirmed or suspected COVID-19 – please re book your appointment OR we can work online (zoom/facetime/skype/phone).
  2. Before and after every appointment, I will be sanitizing the chair, side table, Kleenex box and doorknob. I will end appointments on time and I have mostly arranged sessions to be staggered. This way, I will have one in person session followed by a virtual session. This will minimize contact and give me time to sanitize appropriately.
  3. Please wait in your vehicle or outside of the building until just a few minutes before your appointment. I will run on time, so there is minimal time in the waiting room.
  4. The waiting room has a plexiglass between clients and receptionist.
  5. There is a handwashing facility in the bathrooms on our floor. I have also provided wet wipes for clients to use that are available in my office.
  6. I will not be hugging or hand shaking ☹ as pre required for COVID procedures.
  7. My chair is 2.1 meters or more away from your chair, so we will be practicing social distancing. If you wish to wear a mask during the appointment, please feel free to do so and bring your own mask in. I will not be wearing a mask. If you would like me to wear a mask, please advise me when you come in as I have one mask for myself.
  8. I have bottled water in case you wish to have some water. We have been asked not to use the communal water fountain in the kitchen, so that is off limits to clients.