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It's Time To Step Into Your Superpowers.

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The Dark to Light Program


Dark to Light is a 16-week journey that guides you to:

• Activate Your Intuitive Superpowers
• Release Your Old Stories
• And Step Into Your Dream Life...
This program is designed to help you navigate the shadow layers of your subconscious mind, allowing you to break free from the repetitive, negative patterns that have been blocking your inner light. Your coaches, Alexander, Eddie & Divi will help you to re-align your life using the Universal Laws of Energy, and your own intuition. 
On this journey together, we will walk hand-in-hand down the path that leads you out of your head and into your heart. Are you ready to operate from a state of flow and ease? Join us in Dark to Light to find the clarity and the confidence to step into your higher calling as a leader on this planet.


Why We Created This Program


We feel and know that there is a strong need for spiritual guidance, space holding, and clear direction for the next leaders on this planet. This next generation of change-makers must face their shadows and turn that darkness into light.
The light of change. The light of progress. The light of elevated consciousness. 

We made Dark to Light because we know it's time to stop hiding. Now is the time for us to gather and to help each other bring our individual and collective purposes to life.

You have started to remember that you're the creator of your life - yet you have often shrugged off responsibility for this power. You have gotten by on a few glimpses of inspiration, an inconsistent spiritual practice, hard work & stress. Sometimes you end up distracting yourself from your desire to identify and cultivate your purpose with self-sabotage tendencies or unconscious behaviors. You feel enough is enough -  you know deep down that the world needs you to be intentional and step into your own unique superpowers. 
We want to show you the step-by-step method of deliberate life creation. We want to teach how to no longer fear your darkness, transmuting it into the light of life. 
Are you ready to take the next step with us?


The Dark to Light Program is designed to help you shift from…


  •  Scarcity -> Abundance mindset
  •  ​Overthinking -> Trusting your intuition
  •  ​Your comfort zone -> Your edge where the magic happens
  •  ​Feeling obligated (‘I have to’) -> Feeling inspired (‘I get to’)
  •  ​Fear of what could go wrong -> Excited by what could go right
  •  ​Confusion in the head -> Clarity in the heart
  •  ​Stress and resistance -> Alignment with the Universal Laws
  •  ​Being on the ‘treadmill’ -> Effortlessly manifesting your dreams
  •  ​Baby steps -> Quantum leaps forward on your life path
  •  ​Living in the dark -> Living in the light


A Personal Development Program Unlike Any Other...


A 16-Week Group Coaching Experience With Support At Every Level:

Group Coaching: Weekly 90-minute group coaching calls starting on July 12th, 2022, 3:00-4:30 pm PST (6:00-7:30 pm EST)
Small Accountability Groups:  You will be intuitively placed into small, intimate accountability group to bring this program into every aspect of your life.
Individual Support: There will be weekly office hours for those who have questions or would like support regarding their specific life circumstances.
Assignments To Go Deeper: To create a fully immersive experience, you will also receive weekly exercises and assignments to help you breakthrough in this "Dark to Light" process. You will also have lifetime access to recordings of all of our calls in case you miss one of them. 



Free Bonus For Registering


When you register in the Dark to Light program, you will receive a free copy of Dr. Divi's "Energy 101" Video Course. This 4-hour course teaches you how the invisible field of energy works in our lives, and how to use it to your advantage rather than your detriment. This will set you up for success in the Dark to Light program. 

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Guest Speaker: Connor Beaton


Connor is the founder of ManTalks: a world-reknowned platform that helps men expand and deepen their sense of self-leadership. He has been working for nearly a decade as a NY-based coach, teacher, and speaker to help men (and women) from all over the world walk through their darkness and grow in the realms of mental clarity, relational communication, actualizing their potential and sexual intimacy.

Connor combines a no-BS attitude with compassionate understanding of our own human limitations.

He has coached thousands of men (and women) through private coaching, group work, workshops, retreats and masterminds. He has shared the stage with other world-class speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, Danielle LaPorte, and many more.


About Your Coaches


Dr. Divi Chandna

Dr. Divi is an MD turned Intuitive Coach & TedX Speaker. She helps people to raise their intuition, heal their stories and live life in Universal flow. Dr. Divi has helped thousands of people to heal their health, relationships, money conversations, and more. 
Dr. Divi has been a guest speaker at the past three Black Sheep Mastermind Retreats where she has helped facilitate life-changing transformations that participants have described as 'undeniably life-changing'.

Alexander Om

Alexander is an Intuitive Business Coach and Co-Founder of Black Sheep Masterminds. He first found success in the corporate world where he helped to raise and sell millions of dollars in the realms of marketing and technology. He has since combined his love for personal development and intuition with these business skills to help hundreds of individuals start and scale businesses online.
Alexander has studied extensively under Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, and Jim Fortin. 

Eddie Schlagintweit

Eddie is the founder of Evolve Advising and Co-Founder of Black Sheep Masterminds. He has dedicated himself to helping entrepreneurs expand their consciousness and rewire their belief systems, and has helped more than 500 business owners achieve success in their companies.
Eddie has studied extensively under Joe Dispenza & Landmark Personal Development, and has spent over a month of his life in meditation retreat.


Questions? Schedule An Intro Call

Discover if the Dark To Light Program is right for you. We would love to meet you, help you explore your shadows, and get clear on whether your intentions are aligned with the outcomes of this program.
Schedule a free 20-minute intro call with either Divi, Alexander or Eddie:


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What Does It Mean To Be A Black Sheep?


Doing the Work, Expanding, and Celebrating Together...

This program is presented by Black Sheep Masterminds, which is a community 
of individuals who have come together to celebrate the fact that we don't follow the normal path of life. 
We are...
Rebels. Movers. Shakers. Bringers of Change. Truth Seekers.
We are proud to be different. We are committed to self-expansion. We know the process of pursuing our purpose and healing our stories can be challenging, and also beautiful.
We would be honored to welcome you into this program and into our community as we help one another evolve as spiritual leaders - while having a ton of fun along the way.
Our Vision: "We see a more conscious, integral, and abundant world materializing in the near future created by the next wave of "Black Sheep" individuals who are remembering their unique purpose and power through community healing and expansion."
Our Mission: “To create the life-changing community, courses, and events that enable Black Sheep individuals to recognize their superpowers while helping and healing themselves, and through that, the world.”
Our Values: 
• Be The Playful Creator
• Lead With Vulnerability
• Expand Through Integrity
• Reach For Your Highest Potential
• Enjoy Dancing With Polarity


Black Sheep Testimonials


“I have so many takeaways from Black Sheep Masterminds. Trusting my intuition is one of them. I also got to see myself in a way that I have never seen before, full of love, light, and gratitude. There is no turning back” 
- Viktoria 
“Black Sheep Masterminds has been life-changing for me. I have found an amazing tribe of people that I now consider family. And Dr. Divi is incredible. Every encounter I’ve had with her has deeply impacted me, personally and professionally. If you’re a growth-oriented person, I can’t recommend them enough.” 
- Jayden 
"Alexander is incredibly intuitive. Over these past few weeks as his client, I’ve had a ton of stuff going on in my personal life and even though he’s technically my business coach, he held space for me in ways that go so far beyond that. He provided me with the energetic containment and support that allowed me to step fully into my own magic which has resulted in my most abundant month in business, ever. He saw what I needed even when I didn’t, even when I wanted to burn it all down to the ground he saw through that and stuck with me. It’s a gift to have him in my corner."
- Andrea


"Thank you Divi, as always for your help. The work that started in your office has really helped me to feel more deeply that what I’m trying to achieve is the love, and connection I want with a partner, children, and my family. The external ‘things’ such as a house / home / garden are pointless without that, and are an extension of that, not foremost."
- Meredith
"Your work is life-changing! It has single-handedly altered how I see the world and all the negatives have become positives. Confidence in myself and my ability to navigate all that may come my way makes me feel empowered and has created an experience of ease."
- Dawn
"I have been working with Eddie since the beginning of 2020 and I can say without hesitation that hiring him as my business coach has been the most potent and powerful investment of my life. Eddie has a unique capacity to combine both western and eastern philosophy into his coaching."
- Brian Carew


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The Dark to Light Guarantees


Let’s be clear: overcoming our shadows can be hard work. It requires us to come face-to-face with the subconscious patterns that can wreak havoc on our lives.

You can react to those patterns in one of two ways - either embracing the challenge of overcoming your shadows, or falling unconscious into old programs and stories.
Our philosophy is that the purpose of life is to take responsibility for and heal our individual suffering, and through that, that of the world. This requires us to be conscious of the darker aspects of our personalities - the sides of ourselves we typically resist, neglect, and disown (our shadows).
We don’t bypass or distract ourselves.
We don’t pretend our problems don’t exist.
We don’t lie to ourselves.
We simply view our shadows as something to be embraced - with the wisdom that our dark and light cannot be separated. In a way, we view the whole process of spiritual evolution as a game…and our shadows are what make the game worth playing.
Your shadows will not go silently into the night - they will pull every deceitful trick in the book to keep you living in limitation. That’s why the Dark To Light program is designed to allow each participant to step into their inner light, with the support of a community, intimate accountability groups, and individual support available during office hours.
Enrolling in the Dark To Light program is a mutual commitment: WE are committed to giving you the BEST coaching and support on the planet to help you unlock your superpowers. YOU are committed to persevering when the going gets tough. There is no turning back.
We do, however, have a guarantee: if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten.
But if you invest in yourself, commit to your learning and growth, and calmly, honestly, and bravely deal with the challenges that may arise: you CAN unlock your deepest gifts and realize your full potential.
Ok - I'm Ready to Jump in!