Group Coaching – Healing With Energy

Join Dr Divi and a small group of like-minded individuals to GROW!

Most people see Dr. Divi for growth, healing and transformation.

She has found that Group Coaching is the most effective way for faster, more life long transformation!

Groups create a container that 1:1 work can never do.

Who is this for?

  • If you are looking and ready to heal mentally, emotionally, physically or Spiritually
  • You are ready to take ownership of your life
  • You are ready to apply tools and techniques to your mind and emotions to feel better
  • You are ready and committed to having a happier and better life
  • You are ready for direct intuitive guidance that may push you but truly enhance your life!
  • You are truly committed to change

During the 12 weeks you will:

  • Evolve, Grow and Transcend past the pain points
  • Learn to use tools & techniques to help you daily
  • Practice many techniques to resolve emotional pain
  • Learn to heal physical, emotional & mental pain
  • Truly step forward on your life path with skills that evolve you
  • Grow past the wounding that we all carry
  • Learn to live a happy, more joyful & creative life

Dr. Divi’s groups are incredibly liberating, free-ing and Soul Nurturing. She has taught groups and workshops for over 10 years and has seen the greatest growth and expansion from clients that commit and are ready to prosper!

Is this for you? If you are feeling even the slightest nudge it really could be!

If you have never met Dr. Divi and are curious – feel free to reach out for a 20 minute complimentary call to get a sense. You can do this by emailing Dr Divi at or texting her at 778 668 4330.

One of the benefits of this work  in a group container is that we see we are not alone and can move past our vulnerabilities to share.

We grow the muscle of compassion and sensitivity. This muscle of compassion is absolutely necessary for us to learn for others so that we can then learn to apply it to ourselves for greater healing – physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.

What does it look like?

  • Meet for 1.5 hours weekly for 12 weeks on Zoom (all sessions recorded so you get to re-watch them)
  • Weekly on  Thursdays @ 530 pm PST  – Starts Thursday April 15
  • Weekly “homework” (self paced/not to be submitted or marked) to help you on your journey
  • In the 2nd month – 1 – 60 minute zoom (or in person) session with Dr Divi (Value $499)
  • Email contact with Dr Divi during the 12 weeks for support if needed between sessions
  • $333/month for three months (pay monthly on the 15th of each month)
  • Payments can be made automatically on paypal. If you prefer e transfer or credit card – we can set this up as well.

This group coaching has a LIMITED number of spots– so if you are feeling the nudge -please register today!

To register:

  • You can click paypal below (will automatically charge you monthly $333+GST monthly for the three months)
  • You can email or text Dr Divi and we can set you up with e transfer or you can have us process your credit card (instead of paypal!)
  • The Day you Register, the Group Coaching Begins. Dr. Divi works with energy – so immediately, your emotions, thoughts and energetic system is being worked on and upgraded to begin the healing journey!