Are you ready to dive into a new relationship with yourself?


 Become a better version of YOU.

Join Dr. Divi & a community of like-minded people for a 16 week journey into YOU.

Welcome to a 16 week journey into healing your relationships.
We have many relationships in our lives.
We have relationships with co workers, bosses, our significant other, our children, aunts, uncles and many more.

Most of us have patterns in relationships. Some of us see them and some of us don’t.
If you are on this website and are reading this, it is because you are READY to heal your patterns.

In this class, we will be taking a DEEP dive into understanding why the relationships you are living are patterned this way and how to change them. This class is not about blaming but taking responsibility for ourselves and shifting what we can in us to impact our outer world. This is about Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Growth. This is about you creating a more aligned relationship with YOU.

This is for you if you are:
--Tired of your relationships patterns
--You may see that you keep repeating the same pattern and are exhausted
--You may be single or partnered up but know that this is not working
--You want a change and are ready to do the work
--You are willing to look at YOU and YOUR patterns (and not just blame!)
--You want improved, healthy and communicative relationships
--And you are ready to dive into a new relationship with yourself.


This 16-week course will teach you how to master your mind & body to heal from the outside-in while discovering your authentic self and feeling more fulfilled, healthy, and abundant. 

  • Massive Transformation
  • A Lot of A HA moments
  • A feeling of relief
  • A knowing of the path
  • A sense of feeling guided, supported and loved by the Universe (and myself and the group!)
  • A deep understanding of the Yellow Brick Road necessary for you to have healthy, prosperous, fruitful and ALIVE relationships

Weekly Live Calls

Learn how to tune it all out and turn your attention inward to make the most of your relationships.

An Intuitively Selected Accountability Group

Learn how to make your new self-care practice a part of your routine as you heal together.

Supportive Community

Learn how to hold space for yourself and establish healthy boundaries with others.


In our relationships class, we will start to realize that everything is about cycles and patterns.

The “reason” we are in these patterns is to heal deep energetic patterns in ourselves, to become better versions of us and for our Soul Growth and Expansion. Many times, we have entered families of deep pain and the reason our relationships are not working is because we are being asked to heal those ancestral patterns.

We have toxicity in both the masculine and feminine lines of our feminine. These shadows if left unhealed continue to show up in our lives. Those of us who are sensitive who have called these patterns in on a Soul level have done so to embark in deep healing of those wounds, so that we can be a stand for Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Empowerment, Gratitude & more.

This is a DEEP 16 week container and only for those who are ready to dive into their stuff!

Here are some details of how it is set up:

  • A 16 week container
    Videos/Meditations/journal prompts are set up in the pre-recorded section
  • A live call 1x/week 1.5 hours on Mondays at 3 pm PST
  • Office hours bi weekly (times/dates will change to accommodate schedules)
  • Community support group online
  • An accountability group (intuitively assigned) that you will meet with weekly on your schedule
  • Starts Nov 7 with two weeks off for Christmas!

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Most would describe me as a mother, wife, and small business owner. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we deserve.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, self-healing and unapologetic confidence.

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I am so excited and blessed that you are considering this journey.
This program has been 12 years in the making and is guaranteed for you to truly embark on YOU.

Start date: TBA
Investment: $1999
Payment Plans: 6 X $388 (Monthly Payment Plan)

Is this program calling you?
Are you feeling a pull?

Here are two options - join us for both!

Join Dr. Divi for a FREE 2 Week Introduction to this Course
Join Dr. Divi for a 20 minute complimentary call

“I started attending Dr Divi’s weekly group after suffering a precipitous drop in self-confidence that triggered chronic worst case scenario thinking and severe anxiety episodes. Over the past six months I have learned and practiced so many different skills for restoring self confidence, that my insecurity truly is a thing of the past.”

– Peter B

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