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Ignite Your Inner Healer Class


  • 12 – 1 hour videos teaching you the guts of Mind Body Spirit Medicine
  • Each video is broken into 10-15 minute sections
  • These 90 days will excite, ignite & completely transform your health & be-ing!
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Welcome to an incredible journey!

Each week, you will get the password for the following week.

The videos are about 8-12 minutes long.

Week 1

Password for each video: Ignite1

Ignite 1-1 from Divi on Vimeo

Igmite 1-2 from Divi on Vimeo

Ignites 1-3 from Divi on Vimeo.

Ignites 1-4 from Divi on Vimeo

Ignite 1-5 from Divi on Vimeo

Ignite 1-6 from Divi on Vimeo

Week 2

Week 3

Passwords:  Number3 (Videos 1-5) and Belief1 (Video 6)

Ignite 3-1 from Divi on Vimeo

Ignite 3-2 from Divi on Vimeo.

Ignite 3-3 from Divi on Vimeo

Ignite 3-4 from Divi on Vimeo

Belief System Meditation from Divi on Vimeo

Week 4

Password: Emotion4

Week 5

Password: Joyisit

Week 6

Password: Weeks6

Week 7

Password: Selflove

Week 7-1

Week 7-2

Week 7-3

Week 7-4

Week 7-5

Week 8

Password: Number8

Week 8-1

Week 8-2

Week 8-3

Week 8-4

Week 8-5

Week 9

Password: Ignite9

Week 9-1

Week 9-2

Week 9-3

Week 9-4

Week 9-5

Week 10

Password: Ignite10

Week 10-1

Week 10-2

Week 10-3

Week 10-4

Week 10-5

The password for this last video is: Forgive1

Week 11

Password: Ignite11

Week 11-1

Week 11-2

Week 11-3

Week 11-4

Week 11-5

Week 12

Password: Lastweek

Week 12-1

Week 12-2

Week 12-3

Week 12-4

Week 12-5

Bonus video on Amygdala and Self Love

The password for both bonus videos is Love123



Dr. Divi,

I am really enjoying your course and meditations!  You are truly an amazing person…I love you! I appreciate the fact that you are taking time from your busy schedule to help people like myself and others.
I think its also worth sharing that ever since I have been meditating I been having more vivid dreams…also, is it normal to loose sleep as well? I am calmer through out the day and I find that my mind is at peace.  I have been able to switch over to complete “healed” with no symptoms for few days here and there…but I am still experiencing episode where it all comes back.  But now I can say “so what!”
At times, I have my doubts because of my lack of knowledge and ignorance in how
I can heal a “mechanical” organ issue of the body!!??? and since I work in the health care field many people are discouraging as their perspectives differ.
I  want to get through this..  I WILL get through this! so I can spend more time on finding “what I am suppose to do or be or what this calling actually is”…(this feeling still drives me crazy!) then trying so hard to heal… and then maybe someday I can be like you!
Thank you again, I am learning so much, I feel I still have ways to go in transformation!”
– Student in On Line Transformation (month 2)