Insomnia -How to Beat It

Sleep is something we all want more of !

Do you have the 3 am wake up?

Do you have trouble getting to sleep?

Are you tired of feeling groggy?

Did you know that insomnia is related to:

  • Low Immune System
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Car Accidents
  • And More…?

In this fabulous four hour video, Dr. Divi combines Science with Emotions with Meditations to teach you how to shift it.

There is no other workshop like this!

You will learn:

  • Science behind sleep
  • REM/Non REM/Melatonin & Sleep Cycles
  • What you may be doing to block your sleep
  • Steps that you can take to sleep better now
  • Meditations that will help you return to sleep instantly

To purchase the Fabulous insomnia Workshop that can Save your life – follow paypal links.

You will receive the workshop within 24 hours.


“Thank you Dr. Divi! It was a great workshop! I slept very well last night and look forward to better night sleeps and waking times because of the tools and information you shared with us. Until next time!” – ES

“I watched the insomnia workshop today and really learned a lot from it. Thank you :-)” – SS

“Thanks Divi, for yet another amazing workshop! So glad I attended in person. Now that I’ve gained more awareness about what goes on during sleep, I know what needs to be altered:)” – FT