Intensives for Couples, Families & Small Groups 

Do you want a breakthrough in your relationship with your partner, friend, or family?

Are you tired of the same old approach to the same old pattern that feels
like it can't be broken?

Intensives are one of the BEST ways to achieve peace and breakthroughs!

The reason people fight and argue is because both people have:


  • Poor communication
  • Past traumas
  • Inability to work through those traumas
  • Feelings of being triggered by the other person
  • Defense structures to keep us safe
  • And so much more!!

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Some results you will experience from an intensive are:

  • You will see each other's points of view from a place of deep heartfelt
  • You will be able to carry a much more open heart, regardless of the
  • You will know that this relationship was needed for your Spiritual,
    Emotional and Mental development
  • You will feel empowered in that relationship
  • You will know that nothing went ‚Äúwrong‚ÄĚ as it was a huge part of your
    personal journey
  • You will feel leave with new skills, tools and techniques on how to approach those daily fights and arguments
  • You will be able to co-exist, if you choose to, with much more flow
  • Your Mind, Body and Soul will deepen in its healing

What happens during an intensive?

The intensive is broken into three parts:



Each person in the group meets with Dr. Divi for a private 60-minute 1:1 session.


This consists of one or two 8-hour days, including breaks, lunch, and down time. During these deep dives, Dr. Divi will use her intuition to work with each of you individually, while the other observes, and then together. This in-person work is deeply cathartic and healing, it requires our deep presence. During this time, it is highly recommended to avoid distractions and chemicals such as alcohol and drugs so that we can truly integrate the work.


This occurs post-weekend when the group and Dr. Divi meet again via zoom or in person to re-connect. The post work is usually 2-3 weeks after the in person event.

An Intensive Is For You If...

  • You are¬†ready to truly thrive
  • You may feel stuck and are ready to shift
  • You know there is hope and are ready to do the work
  • You dream of living a¬†purposeful life
  • You know its possible and are ready to move past your blocks

A bit about my process & your experience...

You may have read or watched some of the testimonials, but you may seem puzzled by "what is going to happen" during this intensive workshop. Hopefully this will answer your questions:

I work as a professional intuitive and using intuition, I will guide you out of whatever is blocking you. What the heck does that mean?  You will meet me in person (if we haven't met already!) and I am a 5'6" Indian woman. When I work this identity falls away and the energy enters my body and takes over the workshop.

You may have heard of Abraham Hicks. Esther Hicks channels an energy she calls Abraham. 

Similarly, when I teach workshops the woman you know as Divi, steps out of the way to allow the energy to enter and the entire workshop will be lead by that energy. My name Divi is a Sanskrit word which means Divinity. So, for the purpose of my events, I say that I "allow the Divinity" to enter me and provide me the messages for YOU.

Each person receives the messages differently, and the words that are chosen, how they are spoken, weather I use cuss words or not, is all determined by that energy. 

That energy I call "the Divinity" connects with YOUR Higher Self and gives me the messages of love to give to you. Through this process, the workshop will be lead seamlessly and you will get direct guidance for exactly where you are RIGHT NOW.


Are you feeling the pull & want to submit an application form?


If you are ready to take the next step and sign up for an intensive with Dr. Divi, please fill out the application below and email it to¬†[email protected]!

Application Form