Do you want to feel greater empowerment?

Do you want to feel happier?

Do you want to step into your Feminine?

Do you want to have more energy?

Are you ready to truly get to know your Self?

What is the SAC?

The SAC is an online group of women from South East Asian Descent (Indian/Pakistani/Iranian) who are READY to work through their stories. This collective for women of Indian/Pakistani descent is designed to be a container for deep emotional, mental, and Spiritual healing. As a woman of Indian descent (second generation), I have a journey on many of the similar struggles that we all experience coming from our community: self-worth, vocalization of my needs, marrying or not marrying an Indian, how I raise my child and so on.

As women of South East Asian descent, we are powerful, kind, and generous women. Our main energy is love and connection. We come from a lineage of such truth and deep wisdom. For many of us, we are raised to dismiss our voice, question our word, and struggle with our own truth. I have been working on these and many other similar things for the last two decades. If you would like to join myself and other women of this genre, feel free to join me!

We will be meeting on Wednesday nights at 5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST.

And we are FREE November 18,  December 2, 9 & 16!

Even if you can’t join LIVE – register below & we will send you the recording!

Class Registration begins in January (Details TBA)

What Will You Learn?

You will learn HOW to Transform these Neuropathways

  • You will learn to individuate from your family and yet love them more!
  • You will learn how to hold unconditional love for yourself
  • You will learn how to find your voice & use it
  • You will learn to heal the patriarchy without anger
  • You will learn to forgive
  • You will learn to get your voice back
  • You will learn to do all of this and love yourself more!
  • You will have much more beautiful relationships with your family, yourself & your friends.

Who is this for?

Collectively, as South East Asian women, many of us share similar stories. We may have grown up in North America, Europe, Australia, India, Pakistan, Africa, Iran or anywhere, but we all share common beliefs and stories that we were taught. Many times, these deep beliefs that are in our conscious and unconscious minds, rule our lives.

For example, you may relate to some below:

  • We do not feel equal to our partners
  • We do not feel equal to men
  • We may not be allowed to marry our true love
  • We don’t know how to put our needs first
  • We find ourselves constantly looking for approval
  • We are only close to equal by how hard we work
  • We had to have arranged or semi-arranged relationships
  • How we raise our kids is constantly scrutinized by the in-laws/parents
  • We are not autonomous to do what we want
  • We are taught to be hyper concerned about what society thinks
  • We worry about what our culture/family friends will think
  • It would be a tragedy for us to move out of our parents’ home unless we were married or going to school
  • We get easily angry at our partner over seemingly nothing
  • We may struggle with our partner’s addictions and /or think it is normal
  • We may not even know what we even think or feel
  • We may feel abuse (mental/emotional/physical) is normal
  • We are not allowed to freely express our feelings
  • Even if you have married a non Indian – this is in your psyche!

Do a few of these resonate with you?

Some of these thoughts are planted deeply in your psyche and it is TIME for us to heal these. It is time for our children and grandchildren to be free of our tyranny. This is a gift you are giving them. As you begin your healing journey of these thoughts and beliefs, we are collectively healing our mothers, grandmothers & ancestors who may have died with these beliefs.

It is TIME. Why Now?

With COVID-19 being on the planet, it represents many things metaphysically. One of the biggest things it represents is the turn from patriarchy to matriarchy. And for this to happen, each woman is being asked to step into their Divine Feminine Power and heal these stories that are our lineage.

Why the SAC and who are we?

As women, we heal best in groups. This type of work in a group online will create incredible healing for each person who attends. As one woman trips across their stories and begins to heal, everyone in the group will feel the ripple effect and heal their own story simultaneously.

As a professional intuitive coach (and a family physician!) – I have found that yes- all women may share these stories. But, within the South East Asian community, the stories are extremely specific and incredibly common which is why I am creating this gathering.

Who am I?

Dr Divi

My name is Dr. Divi. I have been a family physician for over 25 years. I continued to pursue many studies after graduation which included a deep dive into metaphysics, spirituality and intuition. For the last decade, I have worked as a professional intuitive coach and have helped (literally) thousands of people heal, shift and grow. I teach many groups; workshops and I also work with clients individually.

It is through this work as an intuitive, that I have been able to stay married (now going on 17 years!) because given my psyche and belief systems, I would have walked out many times. It took me healing my own story that allowed me to fall in deeper love with my partner and be honest, vulnerable and real.

I would feel blessed and honored if you joined me for this collective. It is TIME. Feel free to share this with your desi friends!

FREE: Wednesdays November 18, Dec 2, 9 & 16

Even if you can’t attend Live- please join us for the recording!

Dr DiviProfessional Intuitive Coach

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FREE for November & December/2020!

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