The Most Successful Weight Loss Program Ever!

Have you tried everything? Have you tried the nutrition to personal training to starving yourself? Does nothing work?

This program starts where everything else fails!

On the reality TV shows, we see every successful weight loss story taps into the deep rooted emotion that is keeping the weight on.

In this program, we will work on the physical part and also the emotional part.

Both are crucial pieces to successfully shifting and balancing weight.

This money back guaranteed program is one of a kind!

You will find nothing like this in all of Vancouver! It will completely shift your relationship with YOU!

Over 12 weeks…

  • 12- 1 hour personal training sessions* with BCRPA certified Personal Trainer Ed Light
  • 3 – 1 hour intuitive coaching sessions with Dr. Divi
  • 12 – 1 hour videos on re-training the mind/subconscious/unconscious patterning
  • 12 – 1.5 hour group Q/A live sessions with Dr. Divi

*personal training includes initial assessment

This self-paced program keeps YOU in the loop.

We guarantee results & you will be happy you joined us!

We believe in our products.. and offer a complete 15 day money back guarantee

What Value do you put on Your health?

How much does it cost you to feel unhappy & unhealthy in your body?

This program will excite you, invigorate you & push you & love you!

Your Investment:

  • Minimum of 1-2 hours/week
  • An open mind & open heart
  • A readiness to shift, expand & heal
  • A desire to lose weight & get in touch with the true You.
  • $1500* (payment plans available)

*The A-La Carte pricing of this program is $2100.

This packaged program is for those who are ready & committed to themselves!

Your Results:

  • An improved relationship with you
  • A healthier, more fit body
  • You realizing you can reach your goals
  • A trim, more aligned, more happy you
  • A deep understanding of who you are on a deeper level
  • A better, happier relationship with your body and mind!

How to begin?

Simply call us at 604-739-3484 or book a 20 minute complimentary session to get you started!

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