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Radiate Monthly Membership

Radiate Monthly Membership is for all who are into personal growth & who wish to expand and shine their light daily. We are always expanding, healing and nurturing old fears and wounds only to radiate more light and truly live in the Energy of Flow.

This monthly membership will keep you on track, motivated and focussed.

Through this work, you will: 

  • Heal your wounds
  • Feel supported by the Universe
  • Create New Neuropathways
  • Think differently
  • Feel more alive
  • See your growth with others 
  • Start to truly experience magic and miracles
  • Truly stay immersed in the work at your own pace

This monthly subscription program can be as DEEP as you want it to be (or not!). Join us for a month, two, or 12 – completely up to you!

As a NEW person to Dr. Divi's Radiate Monthly Membership community, your first month is COMPLETELY FREE!

This gives you a chance to check out the program and really immerse yourself in the work!

Who is this for? 

Check Mark on Skype Emoticons 1.2 You are ready to heal
Check Mark on Skype Emoticons 1.2 You are ready to go deeper
Check Mark on Skype Emoticons 1.2 You like to go at your own pace
Check Mark on Skype Emoticons 1.2 You enjoy community and love to be quiet or actively engaged!
Check Mark on Skype Emoticons 1.2 You are READY to transform!

Who is this not for? 

❌ If you want the answers handed to you
❌ If you are not ready to look at yourself
❌ If you want to get the effect of feeling better without looking at your patterns

You will get a chance to:

  • Dive into a different topic each month
  • Hop on a LIVE 30 minute call EACH WEEK on Thursdays at 530 pm PST
  • Recordings  are available
  • Be part of a supportive community on Kajabi
  • Watch the Universe work with you as you step into Your Magnificence 

List of Topics Covered:  

October 2022 - Be Do Have

In a world based on doing, how do we BE? This is an age old question. Being can be challenging for each of us. How do we take Be-Ing and take inspired action and not just do from habit?


November 2022 - Relationships

How do we relate to others and ourselves? Most of us live relationships that may be great in so many ways but be like a thorn in our side the rest of the time. How do we take these relationships and learn from them, expand Spiritually & thrive?


December 2022 - Family Dynamics and Co Creation

As we move into the Holidays, family dynamics come to bubble to the surface. As a teacher, a seeker, a healer, this month will all be about staying our center despite what is happening around us. We will learn how to grow from the people who give us the most pain!


January 2023 - New Years Resolutions

Moving past resolutions into manifestation. We will spend this month truly diving into what we want to live in and manifest for 2023. We will hold and honor the prior year's creations and from it, magically dive into 2023!


February 2023 - Self Love/Self Acceptance

We all think we love ourselves - right?! It is a never ending journey of truly diving into SELF and finding ways, techniques and tips to nurture the MOST important person in the world - YOU.


March 2023 - Empath Survival

As empaths, we feel A LOT! It can be exhausting! Learn how to be an empath in this crazy world and not feel so taxed, drained and exhausted all the time! Learn to keep your energy within you and not constantly feel drained.


April 2023 - Opening Your Heart

We all have old wounds in our heart: Trust, Receptivity of love,  Worthiness & More. In this month, we will dive into our heart wounds and learn to heal, clear and truly step past them!


May 2023 - Success 

Seeing ourselves as a success can be so challenging! In this month, we will learn how to use success lists, seeing ourselves as a success and more. Until we can have a relationship with ourselves, and seeing ourselves as a success, the imposter will kick in and take over!


June 2023 - Physical Body

Heal Your Body, Heal Your Life. Easier said than done right?! Healing the physical is about understanding and healing the energetic. But HOW? This whole month we dive into the physical body and learn to dance with the energy that creates our illness.




OR Invest for the Year: $444 for 12 months ($37/month)