One to One Work with Dr. Divi

Working with Dr. Divi individually is a GIFT to YOU.

You will have a chance to truly “hear” what your inner voice, your deep authentic voice is saying.

We all have a lot of chatter in our mind – Dr. Divi will go beyond that chatter & guide you to your Truth.

Dr. Divi has helped coach people with many different type of physical, mental & emotional conditions.

The following list is not exhaustive, but gives you a good idea of the range of clients she works with:

  • Relationship turmoil
  • Stress
  • Depression /Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Hi Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis & many many more

Our physical body is a reflection of our Mental & Emotional Body.

Your Physical body is actually naturally healthy & well.

There is “wiring” of the brain (also called Neuro-Plasticity) that effects all of us.

When we have trained, innate unconscious & sub-conscious patterns that do not serve us – the default can be illness.

By re-wiring our neural fibers, by re-telling our story, by shifting our perceptions, we can heal.

This work is possible & available for all of us…

Here is the question.. Are YOU Ready?!

Jump in and work with Dr. Divi for true transformation!

It takes a Minimum of 12 weeks to Re-Wire your Sub-Conscious Mind


By committing yourself to  Mind Body Spirit Medicine, Intuitive Sessions, you are giving yourself an incredible Gift!

Your Body and Mind are meant to be healthy & well.

It takes 90 days to transform your body & mind when working together regularly.

With this commitment to yourself, you are opening the doors to infinite possibilities!

Re-wiring your neuro-pathways is incredibly healing for you, your family, your relationships & more.

Dr. Divi highly recommends weekly or bi-weekly sessions to see real results.

She offers single sessions, punch cards & customized programs to meet YOUR needs.

These offerings are discussed at the introduction session when Dr. Divi and you can discuss you and your journey.

All punch cards are non-refundable. They are transferable upon request & on case by case basis.

“Dr. Divi,

I am really enjoying your meditations!  You are truly an amazing person…I love you! I appreciate the fact that you are taking time from your busy schedule to help people like myself and others.
I think its also worth sharing that ever since I have been meditating I been having more vivid dreams…also, is it normal to loose sleep as well? I am calmer through out the day and I find that my mind is at peace.  I have been able to switch over to complete “healed” with no symptoms for few days here and there…but I am still experiencing episode where it all comes back.  But now I can say “so what!”
At times, I have my doubts because of my lack of knowledge and ignorance in how
I can heal a “mechanical” organ issue of the body!!??? and since I work in the health care field many people are discouraging as their percepectives differ.
I  want to get through this..  I WILL get through this! so I can spend more time on finding “what I am suppose to do or be or what this calling actually is”…(this feeling still drives me crazy!) then trying so hard to heal… and then maybe someday I can be like you!
Thank you again, I am learning so much, I feel I still have ways to go in transformation!”
– Student in 90 Day Transformation (month 2)

“Dear Dr. Divi, I just wanted to email you and thank you for the positivity, clarity, and peace you have helped cultivate in my life and the people around me who I love and care so deeply about. After seeing you so many things shifted in my life, things got hard but then they got so much better. My boyfriend and father of my child saw you at a time where we could have easy Broken up. He was at a cross road in his life and you connected with him on a level, that impacted him in a way I could have never imagined. I feel so positive and hopeful about our future. most importantly the type of father he has become for our son, truly putting him first. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. My brother saw you today, and he felt so comfortable and cared about. I know he rarely has felt those feeling from anyone in his lifetime. I so deeply love him, and the kindness and validation he felt from you today is something that I can’t even put into words. I am so greatful. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. You have a remarkable energy that puts everyone I know completely at ease and helps support and guide them on there path. Connecting with themselves from a authentic and honest place.. I recommend you to everyone one close to me, and I can’t wait to see you again. I think about what we talked about so much, and am so greatful for all you have done. I feel more connected with my guides, and am trusting my self and my intuition more now then ever. I think it’s important to share positivity with others, so I really just Wanted to write to you and express my deep gratitude. The word thank you, does not even do justice to how deeply grateful I feel.”

“For almost 3 decades now I’ve studied a number of teachings with a number of teachers and have read many self-help books. The teachings were either mind focused or body focused or spirit focused. Dr Divi blends all 3. Being a medical doctor, she has a deep understanding of the medical model and the body. Being an intuitive, she has a deep understanding of spirit. Passionate about being on the leading edge of thought and self-healing, Dr Divi has a deep understanding of how our thoughts create beliefs and patterns of behaviours which creates the ease or dis-ease we feel in our minds and body. Dr Divi is all about helping people take back their power to heal themselves. Through specific practices and meditations she teaches us how to be responsible for the thoughts we choose to think, to shift our beliefs and heal our bodies, create more happiness for ourselves, and therefore as a result, those we interact with.
I have had the pleasure of attending 5 of Dr Divi’s Mind Body Spirit Weekend trainings and completing the Mind Body Spirit Teacher Training Program all in the past year. Her MBS Weekend trainings are fun, enlightening, and no 2 are the same – they keep getting better. Her Teacher Training Program was a blast! My life has shifted immensely. Where joy used to be 20-40% of my day to day life experience, and anxiety, sadness, frustration, anger, disempowerment, self-judgment 60-80%, now, since putting into practice what Dr Divi teaches, my day to day joy and ease quotient is at an all time high of 70-95%!!! In less than one year!!! I have simple, easy, practical, useful, effective tools – practices and meditations – to shift me into neutral and good feeling thoughts and beliefs. Taking care of myself, joy, ease, positive expectation, inspired action, and appreciation are more my normal now. Thank you Dr Divi for an amazing year! Thank you for this journey into greater joy! I’m excited about my NOW, and what’s to come!!!”
Shayu Talbot, Massage Therapist, Mind Body Spirit Coach
– A Year Of Transformation…

“I started attending Dr Divi’s weekly group after suffering a precipitous drop in self-confidence that triggered chronic worst case scenario thinking and severe anxiety episodes. Over the past six months I have learned and practiced so many different skills for restoring self confidence, that my insecurity truly is a thing of the past.” – Peter B