Small Group Coaching

Dr Divi is now offering Small Group Coaching. 

This style of coaching is GREAT for new-comers or people who have been immersed in this work for years.

There are benefits to small groups, that go beyond what Dr Divi can offer individually.

The small groups have the following benefits:

  1. Individual attention within a small group of 5-7 people.
  2. The calls will be done on Zoom for the time being (Covid)
  3. Once we are able to meet in groups, we have a physical space to meet in person.
  4. Each call will be 60-75 minutes long.
  5. Each participant does a check in (typically 3-5 minutes).
  6. When we work in groups, we are working in synergy.
  7. We will all grow together and the group will reflect a powerful transformation that is beyond what can happen individually!
  8. There is a powerful shift and healing that occurs when we reflect back and hold space for each other to grow and expand.
  9. Dr Divi will listen to the check-in’s and then teach/coach and guide the group and each of you individually.
  10. When D Divi works with one of you, it will be a reflection of something for you too!
  11. Each one of us will leave with a powerful new tool belt and feel held in a powerful container that will elevate us!


Zoom sessions time and day will be determined by the group.

All sessions are recorded, if you choose to return to re watch them.

We will all begin together and enroll for a 12 week commitment.

It takes the 12 weeks to see a powerful shift in your life!

Investment: $300/month

We will begin when we have 5-7 people enrolled!

If you are interested, please contact me @