Soul Renewal Retreat



 This workshop is for you if you are ready to: 

  • Realize your true potential and gifts
  • Dream¬†bigger, bolder, and fiercer
  • Bring your gifts to life on the planet
  • Experience freedom in your expansion
  • Live beyond your wildest dreams
  • Step into your True Mastery



You Can Create The Life of Your Dreams

During this workshop, you will:

  • Dream beyond your limited thinking
  • Dive deep into what is blocking you
  • Heal your stories, wounds and traumas
  • Spend time with supportive people on a similar path
  • Step into your Soul calling and get out of your own way

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Are you curious, excited, wanting to know more, wondering if it is for you? Book a complimentary 20 minute call with Dr. Divi and get a sense if this is for you and/or answer any questions you may have. 

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In the Workshop You Will:

  • Dream bigger, bolder & fiercer
  • Deep dive into YOU
  • Step into your true potential
  • Move your blocks out of the way
  • Heal the traumas
  • Leave aligned, refreshed & renewed!

This workshop is for those who are READY and are playing in the world to succeed! This workshop will leave you feeling seen, supported & truly held in a container of infinite love and potential.

Ready for a Big Break Through?

The removal of blocks...

One of Dr. Divi's greatest gifts is her ability to use her intuition to see, sense and feel WHAT your blocks are. Our old traumas stop us. Dr. Divi will use her gifts of intuition and coaching to sense your blocks and teach you how to move past them, to create the life you are looking for! When we step out of our shadows- we find incredible Ease, Peace and Freedom...

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More details...


This workshop is like no other. Because of the intensity and intimacy of it, you will feel held, cared for and truly honored during one days of grace. 

We have very limited space, so register early to save your spot! 

  • Location:¬†We will be at a fantastic venue in¬†Horseshoe Bay, BC at¬†8015 Pasco Rd.
  • Pre & Post Integration:¬†We will¬†have a group meeting via zoom¬†before and after the workshop for a pre- and post-immersion call¬†
  • Food:¬†Healthy, nutritious¬†snacks, lunch, and dinner provided (vegetarian, keto, gluten free etc are provided as needed)¬†
  • What else is available? All¬†day there are movement options including¬†dance!
  • Extras:¬†We will have a sound healer¬†at night which helps to integrate the experience.
  • More:¬†As a result of this deep, immersive experience, you will form connections, bonds and friendships that can last a lifetime!¬†

Hours for the workshop:

Location: 8015 Pasco Rd, Horseshoe Bay, BC, Canada

Timing: Saturday,¬†August 24th 9am‚ÄĒ8pm




What To Expect at the Life Changing Workshop



Get to know the group and get a chance to share your dreams, your current reality, and your story.

  • Being in a supportive group has been studied to help us achieve our dreams
  • Be held, loved, and seen for your aspirations¬†
  • Be present with each person and feel the love that active listening and open communication brings



Dive Deep

Spend the day with your new friends diving into shadow, trauma and healing the pain. You will also be exposed to an energy of unconditional love that you may never knew existed. This love and the immersion in this energy IS what heals. 

  • On this deep Saturday, you will¬†participate and learn the deeper techniques to heal yourself - mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.
  • See yourself in each other which in itself pushes you to the next stratosphere of healing.¬†
  • Learn techniques, tools, meditations and movement throughout the day
  • Support each other as you dive deep in this immersive day

This day has the potential to change your life forever. By the Universal Law of One, you will see yourself in everyone's stories and experience deeper, more profound healing than you could ever imagine!


Benefits and Takeaways

After the workshop of exploration, deep diving and healing, you will be ready!

  • Learn which tools and techniques you will leave with to change your life
  • Feel more alive, energized and awake than ever before
  • Know which steps are next for YOUR success!

After an all-day  immersion, you will develop friends for a lifetime! 


Extra Bonuses

The whole workshop is geared towards your success!

  • Enjoy movement, dance and laughter which heals everything!
  • Nourish your body with healthy, nutritious, balanced foods¬†
  • Be part of expansive conversations and healing moments


A bit about my process & your experience...

You may have read or watched some of the testimonials, but you may seem puzzled by "what is going to happen" during this workshop. Hopefully this will answer your questions:

I work as a professional intuitive and using intuition, I will guide you out of whatever is blocking you. What the heck does that mean?  You will meet me in person (if we havent met already!) and I am a 5'6" South Asian woman. When I work this identity falls away and the energy enters my body and takes over the workshop.

You may have heard of Abraham-Hicks. Esther Hicks channels an energy she calls Abraham. 

Similarly, when I teach workshops the woman you know as Divi steps out of the way to allow the energy to enter and the entire workshop will be lead by that energy. My name Divi is a Sanskrit word which means Divinity. So, for the purpose of my events, I say that I "allow the Divinity" to enter me and provide me the messages for YOU. Each person receives the messages differently, and the words that are chosen, how they are spoken, weather I use cuss words or not is all determined by that energy. 

That energy I call "the Divinity" connects with YOUR Higher Self and gives me the messages of love to give to you. Through this process, the event will be lead seamlessly and you will get direct guidance for exactly where you are RIGHT NOW.

The benefit of group events is that you WILL be able to relate to everyone else in the group and as I coach them, you will have your own story coached, your own pain point healed and you will experience greater bliss, understanding, and a feeling of ecstasy through the course of the day. 

Just something for you to know, I - Divi - will have little recollection of details I give you. So, if during the post-workshop integration call you bring something to my awareness that the Divinity energy said to you - please keep in mind that I (Divi) may need a refresher of what it was! 

Feeling a Pull & Want to Chat?


Are you curious, want more information, and wonder if this workshop if so for you? Book a 20 minute complimentary call with Dr. Divi! 

Curious? Book a Complimentary Call

I'm Dr. Divi

I'm so excited to meet you! I'm a family doctor turned intuitive coach. I have been using my gifts of intuition to help individuals and groups heal their physical bodies, their bank accounts, their relationships & more. 

One of my gifts of intuition is to help people see their "biggest blocks". That block is what is stopping you from having the life of your dreams. 

You may or may not know what it is, but if you are stuck, that block is still in the way.

My gift and role this workshop is to help you see it and move it. 

I'm so blessed to do this work and more excited to meet you and assist you on your path.



"I started attending workshops with Divi a little over a year ago, and was hooked after the first one. Expect to experience the unexpected, and to come out with a new perspective of not only your own life, but the lives of others."

- Nik Dekker

"This workshop was a transformative experience that pushed me outside my comfort zone so that I can truly begin my healing process. It was truly a blessing to see and bare witness to the vulnerability of the group as we connected on a deeper level. - Thank You Divi for your guidance throughout this journey."

- Kali Smith

"Thank you for holding space yesterday It was a full on and magical day So beautiful to witness and share in many transformative experiences.
Divi has the experience and capacity to hold space for deeply incredible and profound healing."

- Barbara Watt

"I would go to another workshop with Dr. Divi because her sincere and genuine effort to assist others' healing fills my heart with gratitude and joy; AND it is a Service absolutely necessary in today's world!!!"

- Anastasia

This Workshop is For You If...

  • You are¬†ready to truly thrive
  • You may feel stuck and are ready to shift
  • You know there is hope and are ready to do the work
  • You dream of living a¬†purposeful life
  • You know its possible and are ready to move past your blocks
Register today!

Soul Renewal Retreat

Horseshoe Bay August 24




If you cannot make an event for any reason, please give us 24 hours notice (as we need to adjust food catering) and the money can be used to a future event. Currently, the 1/2 day and one-day events are done approximately monthly in Vancouver and the retreats are quarterly.