Wellness Wednesdays

Deepen the ongoing journey of Abundance & Healing.

You will grow and expand on this journey.

This level can be done in person (in Vancouver) or in your own home.

Wellness Wednesdays are for those who are immersed in the Abundance Program or the ignite Program or have completed one of these two!

You will learn how to shift your reality, deepen your:

  • Understanding of the Mind-Body-Emotions Connection
  • Get to the root of all self-healing
  • Learn how to expand your abundance!
  • Understand the connection between your focus and your creation
  • Understand what emotions are
  • Expand your life and body in ways not thought possible
  • Learn different types of meditation, mindfulness & practice!

Why Wait? Start Today…

Healing is One Step At a time…

1 Month…$199

3 Months… $299

6 Months.. $450