Dr. Divi Chandna

Body Mind Soul Meditation Challenge

Join Dr. Divi and a community of like-minded seekers in a powerful meditation journey. Each day, you will wake up to a new meditation for you to start your day with.

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Tell partners, friends, enemies, lovers, boss, coworkers. Tell everyone you know!
As one of us shift, we ALL shift.

The Program Will Encompass The Principles Of: 

- Universal Laws
- A Course In Miracles
- Shadow Work
- Intuition
- Manifestation & MORE!

Each day will be a combination of a meditation and teaching. Videos will be 10-20 minutes long and will set you up for a FABULOUS day!

We all know we should meditate ..BUT we all fall apart! So get ready for a journey of a lifetime! Register to get started TODAY!

How to join:

Simply enter your email address below. Each morning, you will have a new meditation in your in box. You can also log into the website and enjoy the meditation there.

Is There More?

This program is part of our Six-Month Body-Mind Soul Transformation container. The six month container is a deep dive into healing, transformation and truly living on purpose!

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