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Invite Dr. Divi to Your Event

Dr. Divi is excited to offer events for your group.

Do you have a group of people who are ready to:
- Learn, Heal and Integrate Life
- Want deeper understanding into themselves
- Are keen on guidance, support and love
- Are willing to be vulnerable and go inwards?
If you do - Dr. Divi is probably your greatest teacher!
Dr. Divi does workshops for small and big groups alike

She teaches intuitively, addressing a specific topic if desired and /or dive in with each participant if you are really ready to go deep!

Typically, her workshops run from 4-8 hours.

Here are examples of groups she has worked with:

- Book Clubs
- Masterminds
- Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)
- Young Presidents Organization (YPO)
- Workplaces
- Yoga studios
- Girlfriends get togethers
- Baby Showers

If you are curious send a message!

This is something Dr. Divi is passionate about - helping spread the word of love, healing, intuition, guidance and each of us living a more passionate life!

Jessica Dayle

"The day after attending Dr. Divi’s The Unlimited Life workshop, I had a major shift. I was able to connect to a wounded part of me that’s been there since childhood. I can finally start to heal some deep wounds and the path towards receiving love from others has been established. Only under the loving guidance and connection from Dr. Divi would this have been possible. I’m forever grateful and highly recommend her workshops to anyone desiring to truly heal."

Nik Dekker

"I started attending workshops with Divi a little over a year ago, and was hooked after the first one. Expect to experience the unexpected, and to come out with a new perspective of not only your own life, but the lives of others."

Barbara Watt

"Thank you for holding space yesterday It was a full on and magical day So beautiful to witness and share in many transformative experiences.
Divi has the experience and capacity to hold space for deeply incredible and profound healing."

Kali Smith

"This workshop was a transformative experience that pushed me outside my comfort zone so that I can truly begin my healing process. It was truly a blessing to see and bare witness to the vulnerability of the group as we connected on a deeper level. - Thank You Divi for your guidance throughout this journey."

Mark Smith-Windsor, CFA Society Saskatchewan

“Dr. Divi was both entertaining and informative. Our organization is very appreciative of her for presenting at our event.”

Jill, Lush Vancouver

“Dr. Divi’s talk was engaging and eye opening. She has a way of connecting with the whole group and yet still have us learn what we are ready to learn.”

Meghan, YPO form

"I really loved meeting you at the YPO form. Thank you for your wisdom and kindness. YOu game me so much to think about. Truly special "

Claudia, YPO forum

"Very grateful you came to meet us today. I" am touched how you got all of us involved, and getting us to “see” some more!

And planted some seeds where it needed still some time.........
Sharing this time with you was very valuable, as amongst ourselves, we were vulnerable and open to “stuff” we might not have easily shared.
When you came in the room, my first feeling was that I need to spend more time with you and learn!"

Pam McMeekin,  DIRECTOR- Reformation

“Divi’s workshop was such a great way for our team to take a moment to sit back and reflect on ways we can bring balance into our personal and professional lives. She has a brilliant way of reading people and opening them up, without pushing boundaries or making people feel uncomfortable. Her workshop had our team reflecting on ways we can achieve balance in our day to day lives. We left our session with some effective mindfulness tips and tricks to integrate into our days, as well as new perspectives on how we can respond and react to stress to benefit our overall well-being.”