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Welcome to my website! I'm honoured you are here.

A quick background of me: I'm an MD turned Intuitive Coach. 

I believe the path to health, happiness & abundance is INSIDE of us. 

Here are my current offerings:  

Coming UP: ICT Webinar Series! 

Jan 24, Feb 7 & 21 @ 530 pm PST. 

This free, fun, fabulous webinar series will take you deep into you, your mind, your intuition & your grace. I look forward to you joining me! 


Join me for the iCT Webinar Series

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Dr.Divi does FREE intuitive readings and guidance every 2 weeks  on  Facebook Live 

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This program is designed to show you the connection between your physical and mental health and your emotional health. You will learn how to SELF HEAL and move your way back to freedom of mind, emotions and body.

We have all heard of the Mind Body Connection. This program is a deep application of that concept. This program is different than any other healing program as it is a DEEP DIVE into YOU. it is a personal journey into you developing a relationship with your patterns, your emotions, your mind and your Spirit.

As you dive into this program, you will learn how you have learned patterns of being that are not serving you. You will learn how certain patterns are creating physical and or mental health issues. You will learn that when you open yourself up to healing, get to know your mind, your heart and your Self, your body wants to heal and release the patterns and illness, to leave you free, vibrant and living the life you were meant to.

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ICT is a 9-month transformational program that leads participants on an individualized journey to change their experiences and lives around money, business career, relationships, health and happiness. These insightful instructors do this by showing and teaching a new paradigm for living through Universal Laws, energy and intuition based on their decades of successful practice.

While most people take this course for their personal development especially in the areas of intuition and energy; often they find themselves throwing their hat into the career ring to be a professional Intuitive Coach, launching successful careers in being of service and making a difference in the world.


To truly grow, when we immerse ourselves with others, we get a chance to heal and expand and step into the unconditional love for ourselves that we deserve.


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Healing Through Energy, Thought, Intuition, Vibration and Love

Aug 08, 2022

About Dr. Divi Chandna


Dr. Divi Chandna is an internationally recognized expert in Mind-Body Medicine and the founder of the Center of Mind Body Spirit Medicine. She works with clients and students to facilitate self-healing.

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"Your work is life changing! It has single handedly altered how I see the world and all the negatives have become positives. Confidence in myself and my ability to navigate all that may come my way makes me feel empowered and has created an experience of ease."


"One visit with Dr Chandna can be life changing. Her abilities, wisdom and healing powers can move you through the biggest internal obstacles with both ease and grace. Am profoundly grateful to receive one of her healing sessions"


"Thank you Divi and Ed for creating a safe space. Your office space is filled with love and acceptance. It is so different than any other doctor’s office I have ever walked into. You two are truly healers. Thank you for coming to Vancouver."


"Thank you Divi, as always for you help. The work that started in your office has really helped me to feel more deeply that what I’m trying to achieve is the love, and connection I want with a partner, children, and my family. The external ‘things’ such as a house / home / garden are pointless without that, and are an extension of that, not foremost."


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Dr. Divi is a celebrated author, frequent media guest and has presented her information as a TED-X speaker.