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I help clients tap into their intuition and understand how their thoughts, emotions, and stories sustain unhealthy relationship patterns and create chronic health issues. Let's chat!

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6 Month Transformation

Do you feel stuck with chronic health issues? You've tried everything and nothing works? 

You know the mind and body are connected and all you want is for your body to work with you - with a renewed sense of health and vigor. All you want is for to finally feel alive and rejuvenated.  

Are you ready for deep healing of your trauma, thoughts, emotions, and physical body?

This virtual group Six Month Transformation container begins
September 7, 2023. 

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In-Person Workshop

Sept 29-Oct 1 - Vancouver BC 

Are you ready for a life changing workshop?

Are you ready to live past your surface dreams and dream BIGGER?

Are you step into your Mastery and heal what is blocking you?

Are you ready to live YOUR BEST  LIFE NOW?

This in-person container is being held in Vancouver, BC. You can stay on site if you choose or to stay on your own. Meals provided. Expansion guaranteed! 


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I'm Dr. Divi Chandna

I'm an MD turned Intuitive Coach and internationally recognized expert in Mind-Body Medicine. I work with clients and students to facilitate self-healing and I'm so honoured you are here.

I believe the path to health, happiness & abundance is INSIDE of us. 

Heal your patterns and wounds by working through your busy mind & emotions. You'll be empowered to tap into your intuition, rewrite your stories, and heal your pain. Join me and finally feel alive and rejuvenated.

My focus is on supporting individuals with unhealthy mental patterns like anxiety, depression, and relationship dysfunction. Additionally, I work with those who are ready to address the source of their chronic health issues and achieve true healing


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"Your work is life changing! It has single handedly altered how I see the world and all the negatives have become positives. Confidence in myself and my ability to navigate all that may come my way makes me feel empowered and has created an experience of ease."


"One visit with Dr Chandna can be life changing. Her abilities, wisdom and healing powers can move you through the biggest internal obstacles with both ease and grace. Am profoundly grateful to receive one of her healing sessions"


"Thank you Divi and Ed for creating a safe space. Your office space is filled with love and acceptance. It is so different than any other doctor’s office I have ever walked into. You two are truly healers. Thank you for coming to Vancouver."

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Studies show that stress is a primary factor in

80-90% of illness

How exactly does this mental state lead to a physical manifestation of dis-ease? Is there anything we can do about it?

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Dr. Divi is a celebrated author, frequent media guest and has presented her information as a TED-X speaker.

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