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You Don't Look Psychic: Your Essential Guide to Tapping into Your Natural Powers

Co-authored with Lynnette Brown, an internationally renowned intuitive business expert.

Our intuition is what makes all of us, including you, psychic, but frequently, we don't get taught how to use our intuition. Intuition is just another word to describe an inner knowing that gives us information about this world and ourselves. Despite popular belief and Hollywood portrayal, being psychic doesn’t look a certain way — doctors are psychic, lawyers are psychic, moms are psychic, children are psychic.

Maybe you've already known you're psychic, or maybe this is news to you. Either way, it’s never too late to learn how to use your psychic abilities, and it is important—now more than ever—that you learn to use them because they can change the trajectory of this planet and your life. Throughout this book, we will discover our psychic talents and learn how to use them in our everyday lives. When we harness the power of our intuition, there's no limit to what we can do and create.

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Heal Your Body Love Your Life

This is Dr. Divi’s second book. From the Back Cover:

Many people have heard of the term ‘self healing’, but HOW do you do that? Dr. Divi Chandna had been practicing Family Medicine for only a few years, when she her own health took a turn for the worst. There was no quick solution to the chronic pain, chronic infections & overwhelming fatigue.
In her own search for relief she discovered the path to self-healing and was able to reverse all of her illnesses. Now, she works with others teaching them how to do the same.

You will read of some of Dr. Divi’s clients who have healed illnesses from depression to anxiety to chronic pain to stomach problems to endometriosis & even to cancer. The journey is not as hard as most people think, but takes guidance, practice and a determination to shift.
This book teaches you the five step technique that Dr. Divi uses with every client. You will awaken your inner healer and never look back. The power is within you and has never been outside of you. Get ready to awaken this incredible potential and learn to shift dis-ease to ease.

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Energize Your Life

This book will help you to start the process of self healing. It is set up as a 3 week workbook, in which you learn practical tools to help guide you on the path of healing.

This is also associatd with a webinar that you can access to have direct connection with the authors of this book. They are available on a weekly basis to assist you on your healing journey.

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