Healing the Divide

Are you struggling with relationships?

In this pre recorded 4 hour workshop, Dr. Divi will take you through tools and techniques to begin to heal your relationship dynamics.  

Healing the Divide

A half-day workshop or in person
with Dr. Divi

Choose between online Or In person!

In Person:
Saturday Nov 18, 2023 1-5 pm
Location in person:
400-1681 Chestnut, Vancouver BC - Space Limited!

Sunday Nov 19, 2023. 1-5 pm.

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This half day workshop is a chance to deeply understand the divisions in all of your relationships.

We all have conflict - with our partner, kids, boss, coworkers and more. But WHY? Does it have to be this hard? What if all relationships were a chance for us to heal?

In this pre recorded half day workshop you will:


have a deeper understanding of why relationships are so hard


understand the neuroscience behind relationship dynamics


learn practical tools, techniques and processes to change things


learn to get your voice back and how to hold your own


learn to break the classic victim triangle


learn that love is a journey and all relationships are an opportunity for greater love


leave with more hope, optimism and courage


leave with more clarity and well being

Relationships do not have to be a struggle! 

Begin your healing journey today!

One Time Payment

$10 CDN