Thank-You for being You –

“Dr. Divi has completely changed my life for the better. I am a Reiki Master and have been practicing Reiki for almost 11 years. I went through quite a bit of stress a few years ago and I started feeling sick all the time. Everyday I woke up in pain and felt weak and sick. The illness just moved around my body. I had stomach issues, esophagus issues, a benign bone tumour in my knee, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, infections and the list goes on. I was so beyond frustrated and felt helpless to heal. I was always able to help others but I couldn’t seem to help myself. I had studied and learned many spiritual aspects of healing over the years and I thought I was very informed, but when it came time to put it into practice for myself somehow I wasn’t able to “change” my way of thinking. I looked at myself as a “sick” person. I woke up everyday for almost two years feeling sick and tired and in a lot of pain. I had countless hospital and medical clinic visits and test after test. I was living like a “sick” person. I didn’t know what to do anymore. Thanks to divine fate I met Dr. Divi at the beach one day last summer. Dr. Divi’s course helped me finally “see” that I was not a sick person. Her course taught me that I had the ability to change the way that I think of and view myself. I could actually be in control of my health! The thought momentum of the course was especially important to me. I am proud to say that since Dr. Divi’s course I have been pain free and enjoying life. I love life now and I feel like a healthy person! Does it take a lot of work and dedication? Absolutely! Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

“Dear Dr. Divi, I just wanted to email you and thank you for the positivity, clarity, and peace you have helped cultivate in my life and the people around me who I love and care so deeply about. After seeing you so many things shifted in my life, things got hard but then they got so much better. My boyfriend and father of my child saw you at a time where we could have easy Broken up. He was at a cross road in his life and you connected with him on a level, that impacted him in a way I could have never imagined. I feel so positive and hopeful about our future. most importantly the type of father he has become for our son, truly putting him first. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. My brother saw you today, and he felt so comfortable and cared about. I know he rarely has felt those feeling from anyone in his lifetime. I so deeply love him, and the kindness and validation he felt from you today is something that I can’t even put into words. I am so greatful. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. You have a remarkable energy that puts everyone I know completely at ease and helps support and guide them on there path. Connecting with themselves from a authentic and honest place.. I recommend you to everyone one close to me, and I can’t wait to see you again. I think about what we talked about so much, and am so greatful for all you have done. I feel more connected with my guides, and am trusting my self and my intuition more now then ever. I think it’s important to share positivity with others, so I really just Wanted to write to you and express my deep gratitude. The word thank you, does not even do justice to how deeply grateful I feel.”

– Cancer Healing

Dear Dr. Divi –

Thank you for everything you have done. When I met you in December, I felt like my life was over. My kids were driving me crazy and I felt like I had no help from my husband who works a lot. The lack of sleep, pain and fatigue I had in my body was so real and everyone I saw – doctors, specialists and even massage therapists couldn’t help me. My pain was getting worst. You taught me such simple things.  I look back now and laugh, because what you taught me was not hard, but actually quite easy.  As you know, I started doing what you told me and within three weeks, I felt my energy come back and most importantly, I started sleeping!  I am so enjoying your weekly workshops because it reminds me of these simple things.  Every Wednesday, I feel more empowered, more alive and more hopeful about my life as a whole.  I’ve learned something big from you Dr. Divi – that my body is a mirror of everything else in my life.  As I get happier and simpler in my life, my body is eternally happy 🙂  You have truly changed my life. I am SO excited about the weekend workshop to learn more!

-I’m BACK!

I saw Dr. Divi a month ago. First, I saw her as a family doctor & then I saw her one time intuitively. She helped me so much, that I joined her Bronze Program.

Let me tell you my story –

I’ve had chronic pain in my back for five years. I’ve done everything. I saw a neurologist, a pain specialist, and I even had an MRI. They kept telling me that there was nothing there. I knew they were wrong because the pain was so intense. I spent thousands of dollars on alternative therapy. I did reiki, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor and so much stuff. Nothing worked.  I heard of Dr. Divi from a friend. I thought it was a joke that she could help me without actually touching me. I was convinced she was crazy.  Then I saw her as a family doctor & all I can say is that I really liked her. She is warm, and engaging and didn’t try to tell me my pain was not real.  I went back the next week for an intuitive healing session. She told me my pain was related to my relationship with my husband and my relationship with me.  She was right – I had a lot of anger at my husband and myself.  She gave me two pieces of homework to do, to decrease my anger to my husband. Within 2 days of me doing this, the pain was GONE!!!

I mean GONE. It still comes now and then, but I now know what I am doing that creates the pain. It isn’t always anger at my husband. Sometimes, it is guilt. Other times it is sadness.  I now know how amazing I can be and how I can self heal.  I never knew this was possible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Dr. Divi has literally saved my life. I highly recommend her to everyone I meet.

– My life with No Pain

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I met Dr. Divi about 2 years ago. I worked with her as a family doctor & intuitively. She helped ME to see what I WAS DOING that created my anger, sadness and resentment in relationships. Because I wanted a better relationship, I listened to her & did my homework – and I now have an AMAZING boyfriend!  Last time I saw her, she said that since I had cleared the energy that created the relationship problems, I would probably be clear of the endometriosis.  Guess what? It’s GONE! I have no more pain, normal periods and I can get pregnant! My gynecologist is shocked.  I’m not surprised at all – because now I love myself more, and have worked on me, that I was able to release all of (what Dr. Divi calls energy) that created the endometriosis. Thank you for giving me my life back!  And thank you for the ability now to get pregnant! 🙂 … xoxoxo

Endometriosis is Gone! –

A great doctor for someone who wants to take their health and healing seriously by getting to the root cause rather than the ‘bandaid’ approach of dealing with only symptoms. I love that Dr. Chandna supports finding the path to getting better that is right for YOU. She provides a sound, knowledgable medical grounding with awareness of new advances in mind/body approaches to wellness. This is very rare but hopefully more will follow and our health care system will be better for it.

– Thank-You

There are moments in a life when you know you’ve met exactly the right person to help you understand where the imbalances are in your life. A person who can shine the light of awareness on what you must grow through and change. A person whose wisdom so resonates with your own deep inner knowing that you cannot deny the next steps you are inspired to take. Dr. Chandna is that kind of helper. And I’m eternally grateful to have her in my circle of resources. -MB

Wow –

Hi Divi & Ed!

How are you both? I just wanted to email and say thank you for such an incredible experience at Bridge Health last week. Both sessions I had were so powerful, moving & grounding.

Big changes here as a result! With gratitude. – CE

– Gratitude

I saw Dr. Divi for a number of reasons. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I had been exhausted for a year. I had no energy. My relationships, my work all of it was going downhill. At my doctor’s visit, my doctor told me all of my tests were normal. I thought he was crazy. I didn’t feel normal. My friend suggested I see Dr. Divi. I had never heard of her and I didnt know what Intuitive Healing was. Dr. Divi helped me a lot. She showed me how my emotions were connected to my body. I also learned a lot about how I could change this. I had no idea. This is all new to me. Anyways- I left the appointment excited and a bit confused. It seemed so simple everything she said. BUT I did what she said, and I was more tired for about a week, but then it was like someone came along and pressed a button. My fatigue suddenly went away. Now, I have more energy than I can say. It has been a few months since I saw her, but I’m back to running, hiking and having fun. I’m so happy I saw Dr. Divi. I highly recommend seeing her. Thank you so much for giving me my life back.

No More Fatigue – Thank you! –

i just wanted to send you a note of gratitude for our time together a little while back.  I have to say that the shifts I feel after being with you have been quite profound and while I still experience the need for reassurance with my relationship, more than either of us is comfortable with, I am so deeply touched by my connection to this man.  Thank you for your kindness and helping me on this path. It’s playing out in a beautiful way. And I just might visit you again soon.

– Relationship Ease.. Thank you

Divi, I attended your programs and I made some friends there. We were all singing praises of your workshop. We all said we found working with you was amazing and changed our lives. I have told so many people about you and I cant wait to work with you again. I have found the work you taught me has completely changed my life. I am no longer afraid to socialize and meet new people. You are amazing.
I’m passing the word around about your sessions.

Forever Grateful –

Hi Dr. Divi –  I attended your seminar “Healing your Life”.  I work full time and I am also attending school in the evenings. I will have a class presentation and have been preparing for a few days. I noticed a few days ago a small pimple like ball under my tongue, very painful.  At first, I did not make much connection of thing under my tongue until I remembered your teachings of that day. I applied some of the steps of emotions steps you talked about. I also allowed myself to accept that there is nothing wrong with me presenting. It is a powerful exercise, the painful pimple under my tongue disappeared .

I want to thank you and hope to learn more from you in the near future. Thanks


– Wow!

Dr. Divi – just a quick note to say thank-you for the weeks I’ve been able to come to your seminars. I really enjoyed the time. I learned so much and you have completely changed my life. Thank you! your guidance has completely altered the way I think of myself. I am no longer pre-occupied with my weight, and I am no longer convinced I’m going to die tomorrow! Wow. I could not have said those words 3 months ago. I can’t believe how simple it was to make those changes. Much Gratitude…

- GW

Thank-you for Changing My life! –

Thank you for the great workshop this past weekend. There were a couple of awarenesses that the discussion was able to pull into focus for me. I have been working in energy, spirit and healing for many years; I have lots of tools I can apply to a situation – if I can see it clearly. Seeing the edge of your own paradigms can be a challenge.

I am thankful I followed through on my intuition and attended the workshop.

– Weight Workshop

Dr. Divi – Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.
I attended your 6 week Energize Your Life Course. It was amazing!
Because of the course, I have been able to get off of my anxiety medications.
I have been on them for 20 years. I started them when my kids were young, and I have not been able to go a day without them. It was not easy and still isnt easy. But, i feel better without those strong medications in my body. It is like I have a new life. I do need to work a lot – all of the skills you taught us. Everyday, i have to look at my list of skills and when I need one, I do it and I generally feel better. Thank you. I cannot tell you how much my life has changed since I met you a few months ago. You are truly a healer and a doctor – in the true meaning of the word.

Thank you for Energize Your Life –

I just completed the Energize Your Life Program.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I learned so many techniques or tools that are so easy that have already helped me in my life.
During the course, I found everyone so supportive.
I’m usually shy, but I felt comfortable sharing my own stories and experience.
The biggest thing for me was the affect the course had on my anxiety.

I am no longer anxious!!
I have lived my whole life anxious, and the course taught me such great skills that I learned how to change my anxiety.
Even my husband comments about how much more calm I am.
Thank you Dr. Divi for Everything You Do.

– Jen

– Energize Your Life – Thank you!

Dear Dr. Divi Chandna:
It has been my intention to acknowledge the very positive experience I had when attending your group sessions on Wednesday evenings.
I found your passion supporting preventive health strategies contagious; the dialogue with others insightful and helpful in promoting self awareness, self care and learning to take personal responsibility towards our own well-being.
The one thing I particularly like about your method of medical practice is avoiding the ‘quick fix’ which is most often provided by the over use of medications which so often with older patients, of which I am one, causes serious side effects.
On the one occasion when I e-mailed you about an unexplained symptom you responded immediately and asked that I attend in your office, within a couple of hours. You were familiar with my medical condition and asked that I attend hospital as a precaution. I appreciated your responsiveness and advice.
I am a new resident to this province and whenever I previously had a medical appointment, I had to wait for long hours just to be seen, and then the doctor attended for a few minutes, most often wanting to prescribe medications. I believe that over prescribing to older patients only compounds our medical problems. I also discovered in my previous province of residence, that other patients in the waiting room were scheduled, four patients for each 15 minute period.
I fully intend to resume your group sessions in the New Year to endeavour to maintain a continuing healthy lifestyle encompassing body, mind and soul.
– B.G.

I walked into Dr. Divi’s office on the recommendation of my girlfriend. I was very anxious about everything, and I couldn’t understand why. We were going away for a vacation, and she didn’t want my mood to ruin our trip. After seeing Dr. Divi, I feel so much better. I now know where the anxiety came from and I feel like she helped me to release it. Best is, she gave me homework to do so that I can heal it myself if it happens again. Thank you so much!

– SM

Thank you Dr. Divi. You have such a fresh approach to things. My other doctors always told me that I would be on these medications forever. You are the first one who is giving me a chance to reverse and heal what is happening to me. You told me that if I can understand that I created it, then I can heal it. This is so empowering. Thank you for your insight yesterday. I’m now excited about the future!

- Valerie 

I have seen Dr. Divi three times. When I started working with her, I couldn’t walk without pain. She encouraged me to keep going and kept reminding me that I can heal this back pain. It is amazing. Now, it has been 3 months since I started working with her, and I can now walk up and down hills! A few months ago, I couldn’t even walk a block. Thank you so much.

– Jo

Thank you Divi and Ed for creating a safe space. Your office space is filled with love and acceptance. It is so different than any other doctor’s office I have ever walked into. You two are truly healers. Thank you for coming to Vancouver.

- Edna 

I was sent to Dr. Divi by my counsellor. My mother had died one year ago, and I was having a really hard time. I was seeing my counsellor weekly and not really getting much better. Dr. Divi took me into a mediumship reading, and I was able to connect with my mom. I feel I heard everything I needed to, and I was able to say everything that I had not said to her. I feel so much better. I thank my counsellor for knowing Dr. Divi and thank you Dr. Divi, life is so much better now. I feel such a sense of relief.

– MD

I did a workshop with Dr. Divi. Wow! I am so amazed at what I learned. When I started the course, my leg was so swollen from a bad twist. I learned exercises of the mind that helped me to bring that swelling down. Then, during the course, I got back pain and I amazed myself that I could heal it myself without pills. This was amazing for me, as I have had back pain for years and am practically dependent on medications. Thank you Dr. Divi!

Thank you so much for your work Dr. Divi. Since I started taking your course, I have been able to drop my medications in half. As you know, I have been on anti-depressants for years, and your work was the first I have heard of that can help me function without them. Life is so much better without these medications. Thank you so much!

– Anita

I want to take a moment and thank you for the healing session on Friday. Divi, I feel an important connection with you and I’m grateful. And the session was just the boost I needed to get on with the new leg of my journey. Thank you for the clarity of vision and hearing that you have with the Beings I love so dearly. I’ve felt and heard for some time that my current work situation will not be for long, however, what I really heard from you is that now is the time to get moving. Yikes, I think I was waiting for perfect “conditions, well the conditions are now perfect. Thank you so much!

- SF 

Thank you Divi, as always for you help. The work that started in your office has really helped me to feel more deeply that what I’m trying to achieve is the love, and connection I want with a partner, children, and my family. The external ‘things’ such as a house / home / garden – are pointless without that, and are an extension of that, not foremost.

– MC

Thank you again for the time you spent with me. Just like you had mentioned, I woke up the morning of the scheduled nerve block procedure and wasn’t in enough pain to be able to receive accurate results. So I had to cancel. I haven’t rescheduled because I really feel like I am on the mend. Physical therapy has helped a lot and I really think the cord cutting meditation helped get me over the hump to move me along towards being able to heal! THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

- JP

Thank you so much for today’s session and for helping me to look at everything that I saw as negative, in a much more positive perspective. All my experiences have served me, but more importantly, the feeling of resentment I felt towards my Mom is now transforming into a feeling of gratitude. It has made me the kind of Mom I am today. I can truly say that seeing the positive side from my whole experience gives me tremendous peace. I am so grateful.

– I.T.

Hi Dr. Divi, Thanks so much for the session yesterday. You are extremely intuitive and knew exactly what I needed.

- Colleen

I just wanted to say hello to Divi and Ed, and also say thank you for helping with my anxiety. My anxiety was stopping me from my career and no one could help me but you both. My breathing problems come back now and again, but through yoga and some meditation, and what you taught me, I have been able to get it under control enough to return to my life as a professional athlete. I have been raving about my guardian angel reading and how insightful it was. I am playing again for Team Canada and just finished our first tournament and expect a very long and successful season. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

– Kara