It's Time To Welcome Miracles. 

Watch this video from Dr. Divi as an introduction to the Healing Lab.

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The Healing Lab Journey

The Healing Lab is a journey that will: 
‚ÄĘ Activate Your Intuitive Superpowers
‚ÄĘ Release Your Old Stories
‚ÄĘ And Step Into Your Dream Life...

 Who is The Healing Lab Created For?

Most of us are not living our BEST life.

We may or may not be identify "why" we feel stuck, but we KNOW we are stuck.

This class and it's curriculum is designed to get you UNSTUCK.

Regardless if it is:

  • Relationship
  • Health
  • or Wealth

You WILL shift and learn to live your BEST LIFE!

This transformation container will shift, heal and completely unblock your life!

This class is for anyone that is:

  • Emotionally stuck or
  • Mentally Stuck or
  • Stuck in their physical body or
  • Stuck in a relationship pattern or
  • Feel like you are in a looping pattern or
  • Wanting to Live Your Best Life and
  • Truly ready for MIRACLES

 How is The Healing Lab set up?

Healing is a gradual process of mental, emotional and physical transformation.

This holistic class will re-balance YOU.


There are three module. Each module is two months long. Join us for one module, then the second and third. Or, take a break between them. This allows you to go at your own pace.

Module One: It all begins with thought.

- Thoughts, Emotions & Emotional Awareness

- Understanding Momentum & Energy

- The Three beliefs of the Ego

Module Two: Clean up the Past!

- Shadow work

- Inner Child Work

- Family Dynamics

Module Three: Allow in Miracles!

- Forgiveness

- Intuition

- Manifestation and Miracles!


Each week you will receive:

  • Pre-recorded material
  • PLUS Live Classes
  • PLUS Individual coaching within the group.

Each class, you will leave with "aha moments" and greater clarity and more calm.

Over the time together, you will leave a happier, more insightful, more HEALED person!


Structure of the Course: 

‚짬† LIVE calls are available at:¬†

 Wednesdays @9 am PST

and Thursdays @ 5 pm PST

The core material is the same and yes- you can attend both if you wish! 

‚ě§ Recordings available

‚ě§ Every week get¬† prerecorded modules.

‚ě§ A weekly meditation

‚ě§ A written document to deepen the material

(a summary of the videos if you prefer written material)

‚ě§ These live calls include teachings, meditations and individual coaching within the group

 It is time for you to begin healing...

to the BEST healing of your life!

Each month, we will cover a different topics.
Here is a brief overview:

  • Energy & Universal Laws
  • Relationship of you with YOU
  • Shadow Work
  • The Self Healing Body
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Intuition


 Free Bonus For Registering

When you register in The Healing Lab you will receive a free copy of Dr. Divi's "Energy 101" Video Course. This 4-hour course teaches you how the invisible field of energy works in our lives, and how to use it to your advantage rather than your detriment. This will set you up for success in the Dark to Light program. 


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 Free Bonus For Registering

Nice to Meet You, I'm Dr. Divi

I'm so excited to meet you! I'm a family doctor turned intuitive coach. I have been using my gifts of intuition to help individuals and groups heal their physical bodies, their bank accounts, their relationships & more. 

One of my gifts of intuition is to help people see their "biggest blocks". That block is what is stopping you from having the life of your dreams. 

You may or may not know what it is, but if you are stuck, that block is still in the way.

My gift and role this workshop is to help you see it and move it. 

I'm so blessed to do this work and more excited to meet you and assist you on your path.

Register Today. Join us!

Every module is two months long. Each module is $400 ($200/month). This includes the pre recorded material, the live classes, the coaching in the group, the group healing and so much more!

Module One: It all begins with thought

- Thoughts, Emotions & Emotional Awareness

- Understanding Momentum & Energy

- The Three beliefs of the Ego

Module Two: Clean up the Past! 

- Shadow work

- Inner Child Work

- Family Dynamics

Module Three: Allow in Miracles! 

- Forgiveness

- Intuition

- Manifestation and Miracles!


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