AboutĀ Dr Divi.

Dr. Divi has been a family doctor for 25 years andĀ is the founder of theĀ Mind Body Spirit Center.

She is also an author, international speaker & teacher.

Her training post-medical school is wide and diverse. She is trained as a Mind Body Spirit Practitioner from the University of Washington. Dr Divi is also a Certified Medical Intuitive.

Through working with and crafting her intuitive skills, she now works with people with a variety of issues including Abundance, Life Purpose, Stress Management, Depression, Chronic pain, Parenting difficulties & moreā€¦

All of our life issues are connected with each other which is why Dr Divi loves what she does. It is never boring!

In Dr. Diviā€™s work, she has discovered that shifting mental and emotional states has an impact beyond words in our lives. It affects our pocket book, our daily happiness, our relationships and our body!

Dr. Divi is a world recognized teacher and healer in this field and helps people individually as well as in groups.

She has been featured on the TED Stage, in Movies, CBC radio, in the Huffington Post, on National TV and more!

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