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Healing unworthiness can be easier than we actually realize. Guilt and shame are offshoots of our feeling unworthy. We all feel unworthy - but it shows up in different ways. Some of us are workaholics from our unworthy wounds, others of us have eating disorders. We all have it. In this podcast, you will learn how to heal that unworthiness, shame and guilt that runs your life!


EPISODE 10: Finding Safety and Peace inside of yourself.

In this podcast, Dr. Divi takes you through a meditation and exercise to show you that the primary relationships in your life that you complain about (this could be your partner/your spouse/your co worker/your boss/your client etc) - these relationships that are creating pain are all from your childhood. Some of us know that. If we had traumatic childhoods, we often will feel that same wound in our relationship. We may have even “worked on it” but we keep staying in the same pain! The only way to heal this is within ourselves. Dr. Divi takes you into a beautiful meditation to find that thing you think you are missing, that your partner is not giving you inside of you. Enjoy!

EPISODE 9: Healing Judgement/Separation and Right/Wrong

One of the things that keeps the ego alive is the idea of less than, separation, fear. Within that way of thinking there is always right and wrong. Then if we keep looking at it - we see that we judge ourselves, our partners, society and everyone around - if we can! Needless to say this is exhausting! Take a listen - and learn 2 really important steps to healing this pattern of right/wrong/separation and judgement. Change your world by letting more love in today!

EPISODE # 8: Listener Q/A: Life purpose, What to do when life throws you punches and more!

In this podcast - I'll be answering listeners questions about finding your life purpose. I will also discusses what to do when you feel like you know where you are going, what you are doing, but life throws you curve balls. Take a listen!

EPISODE 7: The Mother Wound

The Mother Wound. This is a big one. We all have a mother wound - each of us have a story. Learn a 4 step technique to heal that wound today!

EPISODE 6: Why we are afraid of the feminine?

This podcast episode is about why we are afraid of the feminine? Why as a society are we so afraid of embracing our feminine?What are the stories we carry around with us that make us think that embracing that female side can be scary? Let’s take a look.

EPISODE 5: The loss of the feminine

This podcast is about the loss of the feminine. I’ll take you through the imbalance between the feminine and masculine. I will discusses techniques and ways to become aware of how/where your story maybe impacted by patriarchy and how to shift and heal it.

EPISODE 4: Learning to work with our emotions is not always easy.

Learning to work with our emotions is not always easy - but very possible! Learn some techniques to work from guilt or fear to love. Learn how to shift out of the powerless, overwhelm, grief that we live in. Learn how to move out of STUCK emotions into better feeling emotions!

EPISODE #3: Listener Questions: Dealing With procrastination

In this podcast, I answer your questions. What do I do when I procrastinate or feel overwhelmed and lack clarity? Another big question on my mind - how do I deal with looking for external approval? Personally, I've cut those people out of my life, but is there more to it? Also, how do I deal with uterine pain? Take a listen - there are gems in here for everyone!

EPISODE 2: Why is emotional intelligence so hard?

Emotional Intelligence. Why is emotional intelligence so hard? Why is it hard for us to feel? Learn techniques to FEEL and not think all the time. Emotions are the key to a happy life.

EPISODE 1: Let's talk about love!

Let’s Talk about Love. What are your blocks in your subconscious for love? It is not hard to tell - I will take you through journal prompts and awareness of how love is hard for so many of us. Let’s dive into how love can be not safe/hard and how to shift this.


In this podcast, you will hear from me weekly, where I will share life tools, life skills, life techniques, and intuition to help you with your daily challenges. Everyone's got it. We all have the same problems. The best part of listening to this podcast is that you will learn techniques every single week to help you deal with life's challenges.

This podcast isn't just about me talking, it's about building a community where we can support and uplift one another.

I invite you to connect with me by sharing your thoughts, questions, or challenges.


“The more love you hold, the more love I hold, the better the relationship”

I'll see you soon. Ciao ❤️