Dr. Divi Chandna

Women Healing Women

Welcome to a MOVEMENT!

As women, we are here to:

  • heal our stories,
  • uplift each other,
  • heal our wounds, and
  • lead the future co-operatively with the planet.

If we as women don’t begin this personal inner and outer journey, nothing will shift. 

It takes the feminine uprising to truly heal.

As women, we have been suppressed for millions of years. It is often  called


This movement is NOT about anger to men or anger to society. It is about:

reclaiming ourselves with love, grace, and truth.

We work with many disciplines including:

  • Universal Laws,
  • Principles from A Course in Miracles,
  • Intuition,
  • Breath work,
  • Sound healing,
  • And much more to HEAL.

We use our gifts as women and our Divine power to help each other as we all lift to a new state of being. Join us!


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8-Week Course

Our first class begins on May 7th!
Women Healing Women Classes

One-Day Workshop

Join Dr. Divi on May 25th!
One-Day Workshop May 25th

 4-Day Retreat in BC

Divi will host an immersive retreat for this group! 
June 27-July 1

Below are Two Masterclasses 


In the first video we discussed:

- The definition of a women

- Things that in our subconscious that run our fear

- The middle word of GUILT and how to work with it!

In the second video we discussed:

- The Validation Complex

- Our fears of anger

- Who we want to be 


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"Working with Dr. Divi over the past 4 years has absolutely changed my life in ways I couldn’t have previously imagined, and she can help you change yours, too! Divi teaches courses and workshops with graceful compassion, insightful wisdom and deep spiritual intuition. She easily and eloquently helps participants observe and understand behaviours and feelings in new and healing ways. This frees us to explore and move in directions that energize and inspire us to be more fully alive and present to each moment. Thank you Divi - you are truly amazing!"

- Jody Walker

“For the first time in my life, I know how to be happy, because I know I have to seek for happy... I know that I’m the creator of my experience, and that I choose what perspective I take... I know how to look for the lesson in every experience, I know that every experience is Divinely timed to best serve what my soul chose to learn during this lifetime that I am living... I know what soul alignment feels like and I know what misalignment feels like. I know that I am living my life’s purpose, and it is such a gift to know how to create my aligned path for the rest of my life. This is what Divi fostered in me through their program. And now, I am empowered with the ability to offer these lessons to others, and what a gift it is to share this work, and continue to receive its gifts ”

-Tanya Neuert