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EPISODE 1: Let's talk about Love

Let’s Talk about Love. What are your blocks in your subconscious for love? It is not hard to tell - I will take you through journal prompts and awareness of how love is hard for so many of us. Let’s dive into how love can be not safe/hard and how to shift this.

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Hi, welcome to the podcast Ease Into Clarity on Dr. Divi Family Doctor Turn intuitive coach, and I'm here to help you. In this podcast, we will learn mental techniques, emotional techniques, and spiritual techniques to change daily problems. So maybe it's your husband, your boss, or co-worker, or your kid, they're driving you crazy. You can email me any of your questions, and I will use all the techniques I've learned over the years and help you grab your hot chocolate and make sure to subscribe. We'll see you soon. Ciao.

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Hi, welcome. I'm Dr. Divi. I'm the host of this podcast, Ease Into Clarity. In this podcast, I will be taking email questions to [email protected] about common life problems, your partner, your boss, your relationship, your kid, your self-esteem, and so on. And I'll be answering them through the lens of emotional wellness, mental wellness, spiritual wellness, and physical wellness. Let me tell you about me before we drop into our first episode on Dr. Divi, as a family doctor at a certain point in my life, became a yoga teacher for about 10 years and ran yoga studios. Then somewhere along the journey, I took on the hat of intuitive coaching to tons of training as I went through my intuitive coaching business. I've helped 1000s of women and men kill their stories using emotional wellness, mental wellness, and spiritual wellness. I use intuition to guide people to better quality of lives. I believe we're all here to help people. And I believe you're listening to this podcast, predominantly because you want to feel better. So if you want your question answered, just drop me an email. And I'll put it on my list of questions that you'll hear in the upcoming podcast of our website. Dr., feel free to look at it. I teach lots of classes. I'd love to meet you there as well. Our first podcast, let's talk about love. What a great podcast chat title, right? So in this podcast, we're gonna talk about why love is so challenging for men and women. Love is one of those things that we would love to think that we can love unconditionally. And what I hear most commonly, humans don't love unconditionally only animals do, sometimes babies do. I believe that one of our roles in the world is to learn how to love unconditionally. How the heck do you do that? Well, as you look at me and my physical body there is Divi. But then we also have what's called a non physical soul version of Divi, the spirit version of Divi she is able to love unconditionally. She does not hold up the perception of death, she does not hold a perception of wrongdoing shows that everything is exactly as it's meant to be. And as I start to look at the world through the eyes of spirit Divi, I can learn to love unconditionally. Not only is it training my mind to look at the world through the eyes of spirit Divi. But it's also looking at the Divi personality, and what her wounding is. And man do I have it? Let me tell you about one of the most common things I see in women and men but especially women. As women, we often know how to love in two different ways. We learn how to love and the victim energy Oh God, poor please, for me, for me, please help me please help me I'm a victim, please tell me you love me, oh, God, I'm sick, oh, that energy. Or we know how to love and that if you stay away from me, I don't trust you. What happens is these two extremes that we've created in our world, are no way of loving. In fact, they're defense structures to our truth of our spirit. There are ways that our mind and our personality and our ego structure has formed a way of preventing love. So on this side, I don't trust love. I put up a wall. And I kind of look over the wall and I let love into these little slits in the wall. And over here, I'm looking for love, but I don't feel like I'm ever lovable. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. But there's a third way. And I call it the in-between way, the middle way. And that's true, unconditional love. We all have access to it. Our four-legged friends do and supposedly we're evolutionarily aligned from those. So if they can chi right. My child did when he was little right? So I'm just a few years older than him. So at a certain point I loved unconditionally. But all that starts to happen as I get older, because I've got ways of perceiving the world. That doesn't look safe. I need to put a wall up. He or she is going to hurt me. I can't get love for who I am. So I need to act like a victim. Oh god, oh god, oh god, see you love me. Neither of those are serving us. But in order to heal them in order to hold our unconditional love, we got to look at the personality patterns. My first question to you is, how do you love? How did your mom and dad love? I believe and I have found in 1000s of clients I've worked with, we learned a lot from watching our parents. If our mothers didn't trust our partners, why would we, we have in our unconscious deep in our psyche and our genetics and our DNA, men or women cannot be trusted. So I'll put up a wall here. Or we have seen the opposite, that the only way our parents or loved ones were loved was by playing the victim role. The only way we saw them getting into the lab was when they said, Oh, I don't have any money here. Oh, I'm sick. Oh, and I'm not making fun of either of these. These are two extremes that almost all of us can relate to. But then when we love from either of those angles, and match what our partners go through whether we are a male or a female, our partners then respond accordingly. Right? What the victim typically attracts in a partner, who over shows love who is a people pleaser, who has a knight in shining armor. But that gets exhausting to ask any knight in shining armor. Then the ASCII wall up is somebody who's feeling the person they attract tends to be somebody who feels unworthy tends to be somebody who's needy of love, but we'll take those little sprinkles sprinklings and like, oh, please love me, please let me in. Okay, take a little sprinkle of love, but they know there's a wallop. Neither extreme work. But in order for us to unconditionally love, we have to look at our own patterns and heal them in our personality. This is often called unconscious work, Shadow Work subpersonality work. I don't care what word you give it. The first question to ask yourself is which way do you love and I guarantee you right now, you don't love unconditionally? No one really does unless you've really dived deep into your work. Which way do you love classically in my culture? I'm East Indian, classically, we have a wallop to our partners because we don't completely trust them because you never know they might hurt us. But we are victim energy stroke children's we overdue for our kids walk to shoot school backwards for our kids will drag our bank account for our kids that's very classic in my culture, sort of victims to our children have got a wall up to our partners and then that creates problems in our partners and then addictions and so on become a Ferris and all that stuff occur as a result of this. So the first question to ask yourself is which way do you love? Those are the two extremes I'm talking about. Now the next question to ask yourself is why? Why are you afraid of love and this is where you're gonna want to start journaling and I'm gonna give you a few journal prompts. A journal probably something like I observed love through watching my mom and dad do what? When I watched my mom receive or give love, it felt like my dad received love. And it felt just what happens when you use journal prompts as you dive into some of your conscious and unconsciousness, you just start writing another journal prompt. Love feels to me what is safe, unsafe and why. When you start digging and exploring you're and actually discover there's reasons these walls exist or these victims exist. Then when you start to uncover that, then you can hold a place of unconditional love from your Spirit to them. Because the only thing that heals our wounding is the spirit. The only heal that thing that heals any of these pain bodies is the non-physical. I always make a statement in the work I do. The mind cannot heal the mind. Only spirit to divine, the universal consciousness can heal the mind. Sounds kind of crazy, but it's true. If I try to heal my anxiety with just my thoughts, I'll just do that. It's us who look at the billions of people suffer from anxiety. And that's why people enter, you know, spiritual practices, classes like what I teach about transformation, because the mind wants to be healed, but it can't be healed by thought alone. It can only be heard by this unconditional love of the universe, a spirit of the force of nature. So as you identify the way you were watched love by doing so those journal prompts, and then it also did journal prompts around culturally, culturally, what did I see? Culturally? I saw what for example, culturally I saw women are treated less than men. Culturally I saw for a woman to get love she had to beg or plead or love was never safe because the men always cheated. What did you learn? Believers don't think that's in your unconscious. And as a result of that, being unconscious, you act behave out that way. Another way of looking at it, maybe one of your parents was a knight in shining armor. Always save seeing one of one of the other parents or being the savior in his or her work? Well then in your life, do you? Do you wonder why you're always a savior complex, because it's the inner unconscious that in order to receive love, we have to behave this way. Love is not complicated.

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And what I'm trying to teach you is that I'm trying to teach you we block love. And we block love through all these stories, the knight in shining armor, love and safe, my partner is going to cheat on me, I'm not worthy. I'm not good enough for love. And as we start to pull out these from our unconscious, how do you do that? Look at your behavior. What type of people to date all the time to your partner has always cheated on you. Do you always find that you're writing and looking for affection? You have to be honest with yourself? How do you love most women? I know North American women most women love from the small up. Why? And I'll talk about the other in a second, we laugh from this wall up because we've watched our parents fight. And a lot of women are often very afraid of anger. So they perceive unconsciously that their partner is going to be angry or frustrated or annoyed. So we've got this wall up, or we perceive that our partners are going to belittle us or make us work too hard. We put these walls up whatever the reason is, we put these walls up because it's not safe. Or the other extreme is that we have these victims because we never thought we are important. We thought in order to get love, we had to be a victim, oh my God saved me. And in that energy, we're always going to attract in the knight in shining armor, who's gonna get tired of it. And this then causes related dysfunction. So what I want you to do if you're open to it, is look at your patterns. And then I tend to fly them, John from them. Remember, you can only heal them from what's called the observer or from spirit. What is that? If you've ever read the book, The Untethered Soul, he talks a lot about this concept of the observer. The observer is where there is no thoughts. You are literally the witness consciousness of your crazy mind. So I have a crazy mind that overworks so as I observed the mind that over works, I'm a witness to it. I'm not it. I'm observing it. Then I can ask, Why do I overwork and then when I dig in a bit, because I was taught that if I overworked then I'm worthy, then I count Why would have to be worthy and count because if I go under that, I was taught that as a female, especially my skin tone, I am not worthy. As you can see how layers upon layers develop. So in order for me to heal the part of me that overworks I've seen, see the base of unworthiness, and heal that, how do I do that? I meditate. I connect to the Divine, I walk in nature. I remind myself that pure unconditional love exists. And that energy I let in and that wants to heal the part of me that feels unworthy. I do that over and over again. And the more I do that, the more I can dismantle these two extremes and hold unconditional love. Find a fun to play with. So I hope something in there resonated. Feel free to email me or message me. And again, if you have a common questions you'd like me to answer, email me and to [email protected]. Feel free to share this with your friends like our podcast. I'll try to drop a podcast once a week or maybe twice a week just about common life problems, how to approach them emotionally, mentally and physically and spiritually. Thanks again for listening, sending you lots of love. Until next time. Namaste.

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Thank you so much for joining me. This podcast isn't clear. It is such a joy, pleasure and honor to be in your living room. But I would love is if you follow me on Instagram, Dr. Divi or go to my website, Dr. Or write a review that would be even more amazing. Thank you. If you really enjoyed this podcast, feel free to share it with friends and family, tell them to follow me. Because I think the more of us that listen to the fact that we each of us can start to shift. Each of us can shift mental things, emotional things, spiritual shift, to shift our daily reality would more and more of us do it. We get a better planet, we get more love, we get more happiness, we get more joy. So I'd love it. If you followed. I'd love to chat if you share this because it would be such a joy and an honor. And again, if you have a question, guess what I'm here for you. Send me an email [email protected]. And as they come in, I will answer them in podcasts that are subsequent whether it be your boss, your relationship, your husband, whatever. That's what I'm here for. Because the more of us that learn really simple mental techniques, really simple spiritual techniques. We change the physical reality we live in. Pretty soon we have more peace, more ease more joy trickling across the whole A world. Remember there's a spiritual solution for every problem. Thank you for joining me namaste.