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EPISODE 2: Why is emotional intelligence so hard?

Emotional Intelligence. Why is emotional intelligence so hard? Why is it hard for us to feel? Learn techniques to FEEL and not think all the time. Emotions are the key to a happy life.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Divi. Welcome to the podcast ease into clarity. So today, we're gonna be talking about emotions, emotional intelligence, emotional awareness, one of my favorite topics. And in fact, I believe one of the most intimate parts and things you will ever learn in life is about your emotions. There's a really fantastic book called Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, that I really recommend to everybody who's newer to the topic of emotions. He has a quote, and it has many quotes, but one of his quotes that I love is emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success. Is that something we all want? We all want to be successful in all areas of life. And sometimes we think, Okay, I have to go to school for 80 years to get successful. I need to tell that person, that person, that person to climb that ladder. But the true key to success. Daniel Goleman talks about Stephen Covey, who wrote Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, amongst other books, all talk about emotional awareness. And emotional intelligence is the key to improving your personal effectiveness. Just think about that for a second. Think about it for a minute like you and I must know people who we would call not emotionally aware. And what the studies have shown is emotional unintelligence. People who aren't as emotional were actually have difficulty managing their lives, managing their situations, managing others. And emotional intelligence is actually the key to rising above any situation at all. Anything at all, requires emotional intelligence. So first thing we're gonna talk about is, why is the society are we not willing to feel? Why in 2023? Soon to be 2024? Are people still talking? That these people just don't feel? Why is that? Here's some common reasons that we don't feel. Number one we weren't taught to. If you're not taught how to do something, you aren't taught how to tie your shoes. How will you ever know? If you're not taught to feel? Then you won't. Another common reason people don't feel is because they're commonly discouraged to feel, especially men. You know, if you feel your wisey drive, those tears go to work. We're not taught to feel this discourage. A third reason. We don't know what to do with our emotions. If they come up, oh, what do I do with this? I'm joyful, I'm angry. What do I do? So it's like, we don't know how to process our emotions. As a society, we actually think, female or male, if you're overly sensitive. If you feel too much, that equals weakness study goes bad. So don't be sensitive. Last one I've written down is why we don't feel because we're so busy trying to fix everything. If I fix it, if I make it better, if I do this, it's recovering our true self. But the end of the day, our feelings are actually the key to a happy life. Our emotions are the key to joyful life. Our emotions are actually the key to the law of attraction. Most humans nowadays have heard of a law of attraction, that which simply says that which is likened to itself is drawn. So with law of attraction is all about energy. It's all about emotion. So I want to feel joyful. I want to feel joyful. I want to feel joyful, because I want that man, I want that woman, I want that job, all about emotions. So if you've been playing or dancing with law of attraction for but guess what, you're gonna want to know your motions. Let's spend some time talking about how as a society, we numb out emotions. And given that I do this for work, you would think, Ah, she doesn't know her emotions. Of course I do. I'm just as human as you are. But I'm gonna be a long list. And I will tell you that where I am now now, I've been on this journey for about 25, almost 30 years now. Where I am now is completely different than when I was 25 years ago. So I'm going to give you a list as to why people numb out their emotions and see if any of them sit. We talk a lot. We love to talk and when we talk a lot, what does it do? It keeps us in our heads. Keeps us thinking and it keeps us way from feeling. So talking a lot is a great way to stay away from emotions. Another one, we see busy, I gotta do this, then I gotta do that. But I gotta do that. We have lists as long as my arm, we stay busy. Another common one, we check our phone a million times a day, we check our phone, we don't need to, there's nothing on the phone. We have all the notifications open. So beeps all the time. So I mean, like just to wrap up. Those are ways to avoid your emotions. we distract ourselves, we got to go do this to go do that we constant distraction mode. An obvious one, we eat too much we drink too much too much sex too much drugs, all addicts will tell you the key to why that one of the keys as to why their addiction took off was because they weren't willing to feel all addicts will tell you that as a way of numbing their emotion to some degree. Another great reason we don't way we stay away from emotions is we stay busy in our head. I'm going to think this problem through I'm going to solve it in my mind. I'm gonna think think think another way we avoid emotions was we avoid conflict. We avoid certain people, we avoid situations. I'm not going to do that. Because you know, if you do that you're going to feel something you might not be ready to feel. So we avoid another great way we numb ourselves for emotions. We blame everyone. It's their fault. It's their fault. It's their fault. Another way where we blame everybody, and then we never pause, we never pause to go. Hmm, what's happening? And what do I feel a really common one that I see all the time. And I've got them to good old air pods. I'm listening to music all the time. I've got a book on tape. But it just tracks myself from being here. Being now and feeling the last one I wrote down that I think that I'm totally guilty of we over exercise. I'm going to go do this live in Vancouver which most of you know Vancouver is a beautiful city. I really want to cook golf today than I could skate tomorrow then I could go hiking the next day. Drone one day, we can overexercise that's a great distraction from feeling. When Arthur a short list of benefits of feeling emotions, we talked a bit about law of attraction manifestation. One of the best reasons to want to feel good become a better manifester. That's not a selling point. I don't know what you what as we heal our illnesses. All pain in the body is related to an emotion, we can heal our illnesses when we're willing to feel we will feel happier. We we will. If we're willing to become emotional, where we will be able to move through copy crappy motions easier. We can take self responsibility for our lives, we can have more gratitude. We can truly be of service to others. And we can have more compassion. Is that an amazing reason why become emotionally intelligent. So the last part of my podcasts I'm going to share four or five, six steps into how to start to feel because guys, this is the deal. And my next, my next podcast and upcoming podcasts, I'll talk about what to do with your emotions.

let's first talk about how to start to feel. One is slow down. Unpack your day, put less things on your day to do
crate time every day. Just be I don't I'm not talking about just being by exercising. I'm not saying just be by watching TV. I'm just saying just to be sit back and just be. Second thing I'm going to ask you to start to do if you want to become more emotionally intelligent, reads belly breathing, breath, breathe slow breath into your belly. And we'll practice that at the end of today's podcast. The third thing that will help you to become emotionally intelligent is to pause. Ask your self every three or four hours. How do I feel? To simple question, if you've never seen there's a list that you can find on the Internet called the emotional scale by Abraham Hicks. So List of 22 emotions. And what I would recommend you do is you take a picture of that and walk around with it on your phone a couple times an hour say how do I feel? The last thing I would ask you is when you identify how you feel, and let's just say it's a good feeling emotion like I feel peace right now. I feel happy right now. I feel passionate right now. What I would ask you to do is try to see if you can increase that. So you're going to turn in that volume up, more love, more freedom, more appreciation, more gratitude. So as I wrap up his podcast, let's spend a few minutes just in a slow breath meditation is probably the key to actually feeling because this is the deal. Emotions are energy in motion. Every part of our body holds a feeling place. And sometimes anger gets trapped in liver. Fear gets trapped in the stomach. fear and worry can't touch on your lower back. So we have to be willing to feel in order to feel we have to slow down and breathe. So go to close your eyes. With your eyes closed, just take five or 10 deep, slow breaths. Let's see when I exhale together. And inhale for 123 exhale for 1234. inhale 123 exhale, 1234. Inhale. 123. Exhale, 1234. Inhale. 123, exhale 1234. The next few cycles of breaths, I'm going to purposely add some pauses. Now instead of breathing to three, and four, you can breathe to five and six. And what I really want you to focus on is the pause at the end of the inhale. And the pause at the end of the exhale. Because that pause is like the plug outlet what you're feeling. So again, let's exhale together. And inhale for 123 Pause the breath and hold it. Exhale. 12345. Inhale, 1234. Pause and hold the breath. Exhale, 12345. Pause and hold the breath. Inhale 1234. Pause another breath. Exhale, 12345. Apps the beautiful. Let's do one more cycle of breath. And in this last part of breath, breath, you can breathe into the belly button. So you can actually feel the belly rise and feel the belly fall. And by doing that you emphasize what's called your parasympathetic nervous system, your calm, nervous system that's going to help you to feel more to lets you exhale together. And inhale hand on the belly. 123 lifts that belly up. Exhale 123. Let that belly fall. Inhale, 123 belly rises. Exhale, 123. Let the volley fall. Inhale, 123 belly lifts. Exhale, 123 belly falls. You've meditated for a couple of minutes. Now. If you have the time, the energy in the space right now. Spend a few more minutes here and quiet, contemplative meditation. It is the key to feeling and feeling is the key to healing. It's an absolutely beautiful and thank you for sharing this time with me on this podcast. And again, if you've got questions, you know you want some help. Feel free to email me through [email protected]. I'll bring your question onto the podcast. sending you lots of love. Namaste.

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