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EPISODE #3: Listener Questions: Dealing With procrastination, Lack of Clarity, Looking for External Approval & MORE!

In this podcast, I answer your questions. What do I do when I procrastinate or feel overwhelmed and lack clarity? Another big question on my mind - how do I deal with looking for external approval? Personally, I've cut those people out of my life, but is there more to it? Also, how do I deal with uterine pain? Take a listen - there are gems in here for everyone!

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Hi, welcome to the podcast Ease Into Clarity on Dr. Divi Family Doctor Turn intuitive coach, and I'm here to help you. In this podcast, we will learn mental techniques, emotional techniques, and spiritual techniques to change daily problems. So maybe it's your husband, your boss, or co-worker, or your kid, they're driving you crazy. You can email me any of your questions, and I will use all the techniques I've learned over the years and help you grab your hot chocolate and make sure to subscribe. We'll see you soon. Ciao.

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Hi, it's Dr. Divi from the podcast Ease into Clarity. Today's podcast is all about answering questions. So I've received three or four email questions. I'm going to read them and then answer them directly. And I have my beautiful appendage of my reading glasses, which we'll see in a few minutes. So welcome everybody.
So in case you do have a question, you can email me at ease into clarity at gmail. com. I'll answer pretty much anything you ask me using intuition. Energy work and the idea of metaphysics. So let me put this first one and I apologize if I get your name mispronounced. It's from Sila. S I L A. Hi Tiffy, I hope you're well, and again my apologies if I spelt that or mispronounced that.Sila says, I hope you're well. I find that I get agitated easily and I'm not able to get organized while I lack clarity. Please tell me your input and what I should do. Perfect. So I get agitated easily, can't get organized, and I lack clarity. So Sila, this is a super, super common thing, and what's interesting, and I also have an email question about procrastination.

It's a similar answer, but I'll address yours first. Getting agitated easily and not finding clarity and feeling a bit muddled is honestly just the ego's thinking. So the first thing I would suggest is that you start a regular meditation practice, which often feels counterintuitive because we're like, I need more time, I'm agitated, I have no time. But the reason that's happening is because you're not centered. The first thing we have to be willing to do is to find our center. So try this maneuver with me right now, and if you're driving, please don't do this. Go to close your eyes, Scylla. Everybody just take a few breaths in and out. What I'd like you all to do is just focus on the belly. So let's exhale together and inhale for one, two, three, four. And exhale, one, two, three, four, five. Inhale, one, two, three, four. Exhale, one, two, three, four. One, two, three, four, five, inhale, one, two, three, four, exhale, one, two, three, four, five, inhale, one, two, three, four, exhale, one, two, three, four, five. Just keep a rhythm of breath going that's low and slow, calm and easy, fluid and relaxed.Just keep breathing into the belly. See? Belly breathing. Beautiful. If you haven't already, go ahead and open your eyes. What we just did was a little bit of parasympathetic work. Most of us know that we're almost always in fight or flight or freeze, which means a sympathetic arousal, which is from up, from the upper chest.

When you breathe into the diaphragm and into your belly, you actually promote parasympathetic. If you use that spiritually, when you're promoting parasympathetic, your connection, your divine increases. When you're lacking clarity, lacking organization, and feeling constantly like you're running, that's always the ego that's out of the center. And again, it sounds almost counterintuitive or weird to actually meditate a bit. But what you'll find is that becomes almost your go to because you mentioned in your message that you get agitated, you're not organized, and you're lacking clarity. And that's all the ego making. Now, the other thing I would look at besides just the meditation, which will be crucial for you, 10, 15, 20 minutes a day, crucial, and again, sounds opposite.It's kind of like, you know, when you know you should exercise, but you're too tired. You know, those are the days to exercise because the exercise will help your fatigue. We all know that same thing. When you don't have time, you lack clarity, what you want to do is meditate, even though your brain says, go crazy, go do stuff too much to do. So get a meditation practice. The second thing is that I would say to you is I want you to look at possibly why this is happening. When I tune into your energy specifically, Sheila, and I think this is going to affect a lot of people. When I keep seeing your energy, it feels like you might've been taught that to stay busy. Oh God, this is important. You got to perform. And it's almost like a fight or flight in your system that you may or may not know that you're actually doing. And what happens is those unconscious triggers causes to do these things that make us not organized and lack clarity. And it feels like it might also come from this idea that if I'm doing that, I better, Oh God, I got to perform. I got to do. And that's opposite of listening to your intuition because it's either doing or intuition. Not two at the same time, we can have intuitive action or intuitive activity, which is different than just doing. So I want you to look at what's causing the fight or flight that's making you think you have to do something because that because then when we do, and we're not centered, we'll do from not clarity and not organized.

I'll see if there's anything else specifically for you, Celia. The other thing I'm getting as well is for you to have more fun. Because if we can have more fun, we actually increase that parasympathetic. And I guarantee you this question is fantastic because it helps a lot of people. So again, take combs, slow down, laugh.

Meditate, figure out what the rush is, what that voice is that says I have to go, I have to push, I have to focus, I have to do something and step, step out of that and observe it. In the work I do, I often say that which you look upon with love can actually heal. When we're looking at something that we have to do, do, push, push, push, nothing can heal. So I hope that helps. I'm sending you lots of love as I move into the second question. And again, feel free to email me with a back seal if you wish and let me know how that landed. I'd love you to try that for at least a few weeks to see how it goes. So the next question is from Mandeep who asks, um, I know that the answer is always love when, when dealing with conflict or difficult people.But at some point I realized that I was begging for acceptance and love from family and friends. I do the work to have to have to have love come from within me for myself and others, but I also cut those people out of my life. Is that correct? When you have people in your life who don't serve you or bring you down, How should you deal with them? I decide to somebody say to myself, I forgive them. I forgive myself. This is not working. You go that way. And I go mine. I free myself with love. Um, and I'm happier now and I can be around those family members without feeling the need to seek their acceptance love. However, is there another way is the question, can we allow those people and don't serve, that don't serve us? To be around us without being affected great question Monday, but I'm sure this is going to help a lot of people so that you brought up some really good points really good points. I'm going to keep your email open so I can keep reading it as we talk so really great points that you were taught that I need to beg for acceptance.

And, and these people are now annoying you because you've trained them or they have trained you that you need to be a certain way in order to get love. And so cutting them out is a great step, but I want to back up before you cut them out, or in addition to cutting them out, because what I want you to see is that part of your unconscious mind, like yourself, mine too, was trained that if I am a certain way, then I am approved and I'm accepted. And it's not necessarily that person's fault that you have that. Blame it on our parents or a society or a culture or our karma from before previous lives. But we come in with this and we are born into it. And this external person could be your dad or mom as well, still believe that you have to be a certain way for approval. So yes, cutting them out is a great step. But before you do that, what I want you to see is what you're looking at is actually the part of yourself. That feels very small. There's a part of you, as there is in me, who thinks if I do X, Y, Z, then I get approval. But that part of me doesn't feel enough. That part of me thinks if I do this, then I get approval. But that part of me, obviously, is the small part of me who feels victimized or less than. So I'm looking for something outside of me for approval. That's the part of me that needs forgiveness. That part of me that feels like she's not enough is what needs forgiveness. So I need to go to my higher self, my God self, the divine with me and say, you know, the whole Pono Pono pair, which many of you know, I am sorry, please forgive me. I love you. And thank you. This is a prayer we do to our higher self. I am sorry, higher self for ever thinking I was less than please forgive me or clean out of my, out of my body. I love you. And thank you. I am sorry for ever thinking I was on that. Please forgive me. I love you. And thank you because you're asking for forgiveness for forgetting who you are asking for forgiveness for forgetting your truth. And as you do that Monday, that will heal that part of you. And that is actually, I would, I actually think more important than cutting that person out because if we just cut that person out with do it without doing our personal work, That person will then show up as somebody else in our future. Who brings in that because we saw that energy. So we first want to forgive ourselves. And if shifting them out of our lives helps us great, great. But if we don't heal it with ourselves. That person will appear as another person in our future. And personally, I don't think we need to necessarily get rid of them from our lives. We can decrease our interactions as we're healing this. And we may say that you have served me to a point for me to realize this, but I don't need that anymore. So I don't need you in my life as much, but I'm going to hear it because you have brought me the flashlight on what needs to heal on me. I think that helped Monday, but I hope it did. And please feel free to email me because I guarantee that helped me and a lot of people.
Just like the last question. Let's pull up the next question. There are just a few more. So again, thank you everybody. These are fantastic questions. Nina writes, how do we move past procrastination, find clarity and embodiment, embodied, aligned action. So very similar to the question from Sila around, um, around clarity and, You know, um, not feeling overwhelmed, very similar. So procrastination is again, the ego's tool. And Nina, what I'm getting for you is it's not that you don't know what to do, but I keep seeing like you don't only see too many, uh, balls in the air. And that's beautiful, Nina. That's beautiful. What I keep hearing to say to you, Nina, is slow down your thought. There you go. Slow down your breath and just be present right now. And there's two, two other things I'm getting. Number one, be present. Meditate. Like we talked about Lucila. Number two, ask your guides. Give me the one small thing that I can do. Cause sometimes we have a massive list and that actually encourages procrastination. So just give me the one small thing, like take a shower today or. Or write that thank you card today, or, you know, give myself yummy food today and get rid of that to do list completely. So asking your guys for one thing, because sometimes procrastination occurs for us overachievers. So completely try to let that go.

So number one, meditate. Number two, ask for the one thing. Number three, get rid of the to do list. And the fourth part of us is I'd love you to Nina to start to look at the party that procrastinates you. procrastinates, just observe her from the observer and see that that part of you is just a part of you. And sometimes we have a part of us. It's called the procrastinator, because let's just say something happened when we were younger, but procrastination became a way of dealing with whatever trauma happened. So when we can love all parts of us, then we can heal them. So the other part is rather than making yourself wrong for the procrastination, love that part of you and don't make her wrong. Cause I know you know this Nina, but what we push against, we make bigger. So if I make myself wrong for procrastinating, it keeps going. Okay. So I would love you to just see that part of you and go, wow, there's a part of me here. I'm going to love it. And maybe it's because I'm a little overachiever. It doesn't really even ask wonder why. Let me get rid of that to do list. Let me get rid of this idea that I'm doing something wrong. Let me love that procrastinator in me. And let me just do one small thing today. I hope that helps, Nina. There were one or two more questions. Let's just pull back here. So one other question, I think this is from Sarah saying, Why does my uterus, why is my uterus, sorry, why does my uterus ache and feel so painful? Lately, it feels that the only way to get beyond the pain is to let it, let it cry and scream. Why is that? Great question, Sarah. Let me just tune up. Sarah, as you know, first thing I'm seeing is there's a lot of anger there. A lot of life hasn't been fair. A lot of, um, life hasn't been fair, this isn't fair, I'm angry, and a lot of pushing away. The first, uh, and that's what your uterus is doing, it's pushing. The first thing is just to acknowledge this is happening, cool, it's happening. Second thing, and I know you know this Sarah, is to step out of the victim because I am connected to the divine I am. There is nothing. That isn't going right.
There is nowhere in my life that I'm less than. There is nowhere in my life that I'm a victim. So I would really do the forgiveness work there. So Sarah, I would try this. I would see that beautiful altar that I talk about a lot. I would take myself into that beautiful place in nature, Sarah, maybe close your eyes while we do this together. Take a few breaths and see that beautiful altar in the distance. And behind the altar is the divine light. And place a piece of paper on that altar such as, I can't handle this, or I am less than, or this is too much, or this isn't fair, or these people are wrong. Whatever you've got there, put it there, and you might have to do this multiple times. Bring in your guide, Sarah, and simply say, Let forgiveness set me free. Allow forgiveness to set me and everyone free. Allow forgiveness to set me and everyone free. Let forgiveness set me and everyone free. Just keep up that prayer as I speak, Sarah. Let forgiveness set me and everyone free. Because as you're doing this, what you're asking for forgiveness from the divine for is the idea that you are less than, this idea that something could hurt you, this idea that it's too much, this idea that life isn't fair. So you're asking the energy to take that energy. You don't need to know how forgiveness works. You're just asking to be forgiven from this idea. That is too much. You're hurting. You're asking for forgiveness from the ego constructs that are preventing you from stepping into the divine and take a few breaths. Again, you don't need to know how this works, but all that's happening, Sarah, is your body is speaking to you from the unfairness and the anger holding onto. You don't need to know how forgiveness works or why it works. But just give it there, because you're forgiving, asking for forgiveness. One of the layers that you can't, or this is too hard, or you're not capable, or somebody did something too, there you go, and just give that up. That's beautiful, Sarah. Really gorgeous. So that was the questions I have that came in. I don't think I missed any. So quick check, and if, and I hope this question period helped others, and I know it did because it helped me. So if anybody's got any questions, you can simply email me at [email protected]. And what I'll try to do is just do the questions as they come in on additional podcasts. Hope that helped. And I love you all very much. And thank you for listening to the podcast. so much for joining me in this podcast, Ease into Clarity. It is such a joy, pleasure, and honor to be in your living room. What I would love is if you follow me on Instagram, dr divi, or go to my website Dr. or write a review. That would be even more amazing. Thank you. If you really enjoyed this podcast, feel free to share it with friends, family, tell them to follow me because I think the more of us that listen to the fact that we, each of us can start to shift. Bye. Bye. Each of us can shift mental things, emotional things, spiritual shift to shift our daily reality. When more and more of us do it, we get a better planet. We get more love. We get more happiness. We get more joy. So I'd love it. If you followed, I'd love if you change, if you share this, because it would be such a joy and an honor. And again, if you have a question, guess what? I'm here for you. So send me an email ease gmail. com. And as they come in, I will answer them in podcasts that are subsequent, whether it be your boss, your relationship, your husband, whatever. That's what I'm here for. Because the more of us that learn really simple mental techniques, really simple spiritual techniques, we change the physical reality we live in. Pretty soon we have more peace, more ease, more joy trickling across the whole world. Remember, there's a spiritual solution for every problem. Thank you for joining me. Namaste.