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 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive about classes... 


1) Is there any individual work with Dr. Divi during this course?
You will have access to individual attention /coaching in the group. All her 16 weeks of calls include 1 teaching LIVE call, and during it you can ask questions. In addition, every 2 weeks, she will host an office hours. These office hours are purely Q/A. Yes- you will be in a group, BUT she can work with your individual questions in the group.

There are a few things to keep in mind here:
--The Universal Law of Oneness. Everyone in the group can relate to you because we are all learning from each other and in the container we are ONE. We learn from ourselves through our reactions to the questions and we can always identify with the question/answer.

--Vulnerability. Just like money is the currency of our society to buy things, vulnerability is the currency of healing. The more open and vulnerable you can be- the more healing and transformation you will experience!


2) Are the calls recorded?
Yes- all calls are recorded. We will post the LIVE call a few hours after the session, and we will also post the office hours. All recordings are stored where you will find the pre recorded material on Kajabi. Kajabi is the interactive data base where all videos and content are stored.


3) How can I ask to questions/connect with other members in the group between calls?
You are invited to our community page for the class and on that page, everyone is invited.


4) Do I have to interact on the community page?
No – everyone is different in classes. Some people sit at the back and never speak, and others share spontaneously. Listen to your guidance and perhaps break the cycle and see what happens if you do hop on the community board! The community board is monitored by staff and Dr. Divi regularly and we will answer questions/comments if things come up there.

5) I’d love to book a 1:1 with Dr. Divi during our time together in this class. How do I do this and what is the charge?
You can email Dr. Divi directly through [email protected] She has a limited # of spots per day, so she will get you in ASAP. Her drop-in rate is normally $599/hour but for the lovelies enrolled in the class, she offers a rate of $450/hour.

6) What does it mean that he healing happens right away when I register?
Because Dr. Divi works in the realm of energy, the Universe and Spirit, as soon as you register for a class – the healing begins! The Universe, Spirit, your Non Physical energy that wants you to shift begins working on you right away. It can show up as AHA moments or overhearing conversations that help you or a conversation you were waiting to have. The list is endless how the Universe supports us, but these are just a few examples.