Ease into Clarity with Dr. Divi
EPISODE 4: Learning to work with our emotions is not always easy.

Learning to work with our emotions is not always easy - but very possible! Learn some techniques to work from guilt or fear to love. Learn how to shift out of the powerless, overwhelm, grief that we live in. Learn how to move out of STUCK emotions into better feeling emotions!

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Hi, welcome to the podcast Ease Into Clarity on Dr. Divi Family Doctor Turn intuitive coach, and I'm here to help you. In this podcast, we will learn mental techniques, emotional techniques, and spiritual techniques to change daily problems. So maybe it's your husband, your boss, or co-worker, or your kid, they're driving you crazy. You can email me any of your questions, and I will use all the techniques I've learned over the years and help you grab your hot chocolate and make sure to subscribe. We'll see you soon. Ciao.

Welcome to the podcast, ease into clarity. I'm Dr. Divi. And thank you for joining me. If you haven't done it yet, take a second and take a breath.

It is absolutely miraculous, let's low deep breaths to were often just so busy and on the run and on the go. But that breaths, you'll see why it's important for today's podcast, like all the podcasts I do. So last podcast, we talked a lot about why we don't feel as humans are afraid to feel why it's important to feel why emotions are most important. And reminder, an emotion is energy, which is the E in motion, it actually wants to move through you. Now perhaps you're 20 or 30, or 40 or 50 years old, however old you are, it doesn't matter. And you know, you run across this material and you're kind of like have stuff is interesting. People are talking about law of attraction, people are talking about emotions, we're talking about shadow, what is all this crap. You listen to Tony Robbins goes to Abraham Hicks, you get all excited. Wow, this is what's possible in my life. And one of the first things that you learn is you got to figure out how you feel. But you're just stumbled you're like, Why? Why does he keep happening? Why am I just stuck in fear? I can't seem to get out of fear or powerlessness or guilt or grief. I'm just stuck here. Has that happened to you, or maybe it's happy to a friend of yours. First off, before I go any further, I want you to know that's actually normal. Think about it for a second. You know, the average person doesn't wake up to this work when they're 14 years old or 10 years old. They typically wake up in their 20s 30s 70s, and so on. That means you've had a run of time in your life, a feeling a lot, but not really paying attention to what you're feeling or just like feeling it. And at the end of the day, what we don't realize is our brains are actually hardwired, though it can change into certain emotions. And in your childhood, there were lots of experiences that to keep safe. You went to fight flight freeze. Even little things like people pleasing and wanting people to like you and the abandonment wound that you're running from. They're all Fight Fight, Flight freeze. And so as a result of these neural pathways in your brain, are more fear based. When a common neural pathways I had when I first stumbled into this work was guilt. I didn't even realize that guilt was a choice. I just thought guilt was the only way to respond to almost everything in my life. I felt guilty that, you know, I didn't show up to work on time, I felt guilty that I was 10 minutes late for this patient. I felt guilty that I didn't open the door for the person behind me. I felt guilty that my secretary was having a bad day. Do you see how it just ran my life nonstop. And when I started to stumble into this work, I was you know, in my late 20s, early 30s. I was like oh my god, this is all I think, wow. And all you did guilt come in there. But I felt a powerlessness to my job.

I felt a victim to my culture, my family of origin. I felt like a victim to the family that I had married into.

And it didn't stop every topic I thought of was powerless victim, guilt or grief. So maybe that's you maybe you're 20 years old and you're waking up to this or maybe you're six years old and psychiatric. It doesn't matter how old you are. Trust me. You're looking at me and you're saying Devi I really want to change that started me I'm tired of feeling guilty. Devi I'm tired of feeling like a victim every area of my life. I can't. I don't want to because the only way I know how to think I'm scared all the time. I list all these crazy podcasts that talk about fear and love and man I would love love but I only feel love when I'm around my kids. And that too. It's a lot of fear base. I only feel love when I'm you know having sex and that's a lot of fear base too, because I think I'm fat. Do you see how it's so hard? And the only reason it's hard is because think of it like ski hills. You know, like if you've ever skied and you got down runs. You've just got down certain runs in your brain. That's it. You've gone down the guilt one you've gone down there respond, you've done the perilous one, you don't run the gratitude, the joy, the love the empowerment very much. And it sounds like a big gap. And it is, but it's not impossible. But if you decide today that you want to change your life, the first thing you need to do is honor what you're feeling. And please recognize that those neural pathways, they keep talking about the skills you were taught them. Don't blame yourself, don't blame your parents either. But you were taught them by parents, society, culture, and so on. I was taught them and so are you. And that's why the majority of 15 year olds, 18 year olds, 20 year olds, whether they realize it or not, yet, there's more fear than love. And then every day, every week, every year that gets older, there's going to be more fear than love. And if you want to have a joyful life, you want to flip love to fear. But it's not as easy as just go, I'm done with fear, I want to go into love, maybe three or four steps, and I'm gonna teach you the biggest one that I find most important first. If you look at the abraham hicks scale, and they're one of the main teachers of law of attraction, it says all the way at the bottom of emotion of 22. And please don't hear it as a bad emotion. It's just an emotion of perilous victim and grief at the bottom, get to the bottom, and joy and empowerment, and love and freedom on top. There's 22 in between. When you look at that, you'll realize the big ones to jump from the lower ones to slightly higher ones is rage and anger. Hmm. And if you're a woman, especially from my culture, you do not do anger. Because anger is scary. Anger might mean World War four. Anger means my husband might leave me anger means my family might not like me, anger is scary, or Yeah, I'm comfortable with anger for two seconds, right? Anger is a normal emotion. And what I have found countless times is our relationship with anger is a relationship with a being able to feel the higher emotions. Because your brain from the younger years has been trained to fear, powerlessness, grief, and so on. But if you actually want to feel love, more sustained have a relationship with anger. Now, I'm not telling you how to do this forever, especially if you're newer to this. And sometimes I'll go right, it's my powerlessness. And I'll need to have a relationship with anger. Again, it's very normal. Don't make it wrong. If you can make anger, not wrong, it'll make this work so much easier. Anger is just an emotion that wants to move through you because you're stuck in powerlessness, stuck in guilt, stuck in grief, stuck in victim, but anger will move you up. So one big thing I will tell you, if you want to move out from the lower to the higher, get comfortable the anger. Second piece that I want you to start to be aware of if you want to hold more love than fear, practice gratitude. It's well studied, written about and very much proven. So let's spend a few minutes just talking about what we're grateful for you and I. When I'm grateful that you're listening, you're grateful that you're hearing this information. Let's add more grateful things, you might be grateful that you have a computer or phone to listen to the sun, you might be grateful that you can breathe. I'm grateful I have socks on right now in a cold day. I'm grateful that I have this white, beautiful cardigan that I bought from the peony a couple of years ago. I'm grateful that I have a hairdresser who can take up my gray. What else are you grateful for? If you have to write down the things you're grateful for, you will find more. That's what it shows us. So what I'm going to ask you start doing gratitudes in the higher emotions. And if you can start to feel grateful enough, you're gonna move up a bit. But don't forget about the love and anger part, or the anger and rage part. Let me give you one more technique to start to feel more love and gratitude. Talk to plants and animals and grass and trees more often. Plants actually speak to you. It's often said if you pass a plant once it says Oh, I know that person. Pass it twice. It can talk to you. Sounds weird, right? Welcome to the world of drudgery. Walk by a tree pause, stop in front of it. Don't think just feel and say yourself. I'm willing to feel now. I'm willing to feel I'm willing to feel ease and love and joy. Take your air pods out stand in front of it for a few minutes and just breathe. Do it three or four or five times in a weekend. I try to do it very regularly and see what happens. Move from plants to animals and very slowly move from animals to strange humans that you don't I like coffee shop people and so on. If you start to open your heart to the plant world, the animal world, then shortly you'll be able to move it to human world. Because our hearts want to open. So to recap, don't beat yourself up if you got a grief, guilt and so on all the time. It's part of how the brain is structured. fight flight, freeze survival. Welcome to being human species have evolved from apes and plant and dogs and animals. We're in fight flight freeze, we have to have that number to get comfortable anger and rage. Number three, get comfortable with gratitude every day for 510 things you're grateful for the last one, work as trees, animals, to feel more love, to feel more ease to feel more freedom. Pretty simple, right? Hope that helped today. Getting into the emotional realm moving up from the lower motions to higher motions. Lastly, if you've never looked at the Abrahamic scale, take a look. It's online. Just Google emotional scale, Abraham Hicks and you'll find it very helpful tool, take a picture of it, walk around in your phone and start practicing the app promotions. Hope that helped. It was so amazing working with you. If you have questions, stuff, you want me to talk about stuff you want coaching on, feel free to email me through [email protected] Have a beautiful rest of your day, saying lots of love. Namaste.

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