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Welcome to working with Dr. Divi.  Here, you will gain Greater Clarity, Increased Ease, A sense of Well-Being, Incredible Healing & More….

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Learn about Self Healing, Self Empowerment, Having More Energy, Feeling More Alive, Releasing Pain, Depression & Truly Living Your Life!

Live or On line!

Sunday, September 18 – 10 am – 12 noon.

Work 1:1

Join Dr. Divi for a 30 minute / 60 minute session.

All of these can be done in person or via phone/skype.

You will have such ease and calm when you are “heard” and “seen” when you work with Dr. Divi.

Gain greater clarity, ease & freedom in a short period of time!

On Line Healing Course

Ignite your Inner Healer with a 12 Week On Line Course!

You will get: 12 hour of teaching videos PLUS 12 group coaching calls with Dr. Divi (LIVE) PLUS daily email upbeat reminders!

Regardless of if it is pain or confusion or stress or anxiety or addiction – Join us!

Become a Certified Mind Body Spirit Teacher

Taking this step is an incredible journey to help others & to help yourself. This journey will change YOUR Life in a magnificent way!

Dive deeper into a new career or an add on career that can allow you to thrive!.

Abundance Course

Starts September 7th!

Abundance is an Energy… and when we embrace that energy everything changes!

Many people suffer illness as a result of worry about money, jobs, self worth related to money & so on.

Change your abundance consciousness & change your life!

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Read what our clients have to say!

“I have been seeing Dr Divi for a year now and, for the most part, have been attending her Wednesday night group. Her teachings have helped me to dissolve habitual thought patterns that sabotage the healthy life I truly desire. It’s work, but the simple tools she provides have taken me from feeling stuck and disempowered, to feeling inspired and empowered. I am grateful for the authenticity of her work. She is a true doctor; an amazing healer that promotes wellness on a core level. So Beautiful!”

Valerie V

One visit with Dr Chandna can be life changing. Her abilities, wisdom and healing powers can move you through the biggest internal obstacles with both ease and grace. Am profoundly grateful to receive one of her healing sessions


Hi Divi & Ed!

How are you both? I just wanted to email and say thank you for such an incredible experience at Bridge Health last week. Both sessions I had were so powerful, moving & grounding.

Big changes here as a result! With gratitude.


Thank you Divi and Ed for creating a safe space. Your office space is filled with love and acceptance. It is so different than any other doctor’s office I have ever walked into. You two are truly healers. Thank you for coming to Vancouver.


Hi Dr. Divi, Thanks so much for the session yesterday. You are extremely intuitive and knew exactly what I needed.


Thank you for such a wonderful detailed report. You couldn’t be more bang on. I’m in tears, this is moving stuff.


In the world of medicine, Dr. Divi is fearless when it comes to exploring greater avenues of healing. She is deeply supportive of my own internal processes and growth. She is real, and I am amazed by her capacity to take me beyond where I am stuck to a place of choices and greater freedom. She shines and takes me there with her. What a gift…


Dr Divi has been my phenomenal MD, Medical Intuitive and Mind Body Spirit Coach for 2+ years. With her functional medicine model, she has listened to my concerns, helped me understand and resolve 25 years of digestive issues and taught me simple solutions to transform and maintain my health from the inside out. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to feel this good at 67!