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EPISODE #12: Victim, Victimizer and Healing the Victim Story

Mar 05, 2024

In this episode of "Ease Into Clarity," I, Dr. Divi, guide you through a profound exploration of breaking free from the victim-victimizer triangle. Join me for insights into this psychological concept and a transformative journey toward clarity.

Understanding the Victim-Victimizer Triangle:

Delving into the victim-victimizer triangle, a psychological tool from the 70s or 80s, we dissect its three roles: the victim, the bully, and the hero. We examine societal messages that foster a victim mindset, shaped by media, culture, and upbringing. Interchangeability among these roles becomes apparent, drawing historical parallels, like the KKK, to reveal the cyclical nature of these patterns.

Exploring My Personal Experiences:

Embarking on a personal revelation, I share childhood events that shaped my perceptions of victimhood. From facing racism to feeling compelled to become a doctor, these early imprints have left a lasting impact on various aspects of my adult life, influencing relationships, work, and personal well-being.

Breaking Free from the Victim-Victimizer Triangle:

Now, let's navigate through the transformative steps I've discovered to break free from this pattern. Begin by identifying victim thoughts, acknowledging areas in your life where such beliefs hold sway. Optionally, explore body awareness to recognize where these stories manifest physically. Dive into a meditative state, connecting with the divine within, recognizing your eternal capability, infinite potential, and inherent power. Conclude with a forgiveness meditation, visualizing the release of victim stories and affirming your true nature as a child of love, grace, and divinity.

I encourage you to carry this newfound wisdom into your daily life. Hold onto your truth, affirming the power of "I am." Connect with me on Instagram or through email, as we foster a community dedicated to positive transformation and collective healing. In the spirit of creating a better world, remember, "There's a spiritual solution for every problem." Namaste, and thank you for joining me on this podcast journey.