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EPISODE 5: The loss of the feminine

Feb 01, 2024

Welcome back to our podcast, where we navigate intricate aspects of life. I'm Dr. Divi, your host, and today's focus revolves around a concept often overlooked – the diminishing presence of feminine energy, flow, and freedom in our lives.

Understanding Dual Energies

The discussion begins with an understanding that societal norms affect both men and women, nudging them to suppress certain inherent energies. Women find themselves nudged towards embracing masculine traits for societal acceptance, while men are discouraged from exploring their sensitivity.

Historical Shift: From Matriarchy to Patriarchy

We observe a historical shift from a balanced matriarchal society to the prevailing patriarchy, imprinting guilt, unrealistic standards, and a perpetual 'not enough' mindset across generations.

Impact on Women: Striving for Perfection

For women, the subconscious training engrains the pursuit of perfection – juggling career, family, and societal expectations while battling the constant companion of guilt, impacting mental and physical well-being.

Impact on Men: Burden of Provider Role

Men grapple with being the provider, striving for professional success while suppressing personal desires and emotional exploration, haunted by the fear of not meeting societal standards.

Shifting Perspectives: Transforming Guilt into Empowerment

Realization dawns – transformation initiates with a shift in thought. For instance, a working mother can perceive her absence as a lesson in gender equality and independence for her child, while a man redefines success beyond material possessions.

Collective Transformation: Redefining Reality

This shift in mindset isn't just individual; it catalyzes societal change. By embracing flow, freedom, and love, we inspire others to break free from societal confines and foster a harmonious existence. Guilt is a choice – one we can relinquish in favor of empowerment and love. Choosing thoughts of grace, ease, and self-acceptance paves the way for a balanced coexistence of feminine and masculine energies.

The power to reclaim balance rests within us. A single thought cultivating freedom, love, and acceptance reshapes our reality, fostering a world where both energies harmoniously thrive.