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EPISODE 6: Why we are afraid of the feminine?

Feb 07, 2024

Welcome Back! In this podcast, we explore various topics, and today's focus is on understanding and overcoming the fear of embracing femininity.

Growing Up and Cultural Influences:

Growing up in an East Indian family, my mother was a significant influence. She embodied grace and modesty, often dressing in saris, and covering her body as per cultural traditions. This upbringing, combined with societal messaging, instilled a fear of embracing femininity in me.

Impact of Societal Beliefs:

The belief that being feminine equates to vulnerability or being 'less than' was ingrained in my subconscious. I was taught that certain expressions of femininity could draw negative attention or make me appear weak.

Contrary to popular belief, femininity isn't about inaction. It's about recognizing the inherent strength in acts like pregnancy, childbirth, and nurturing. These are powerful, feminine attributes that demonstrate immense strength and grace.

Strength in Emotional Intelligence

While society may deem emotional expression as a weakness, emotional intelligence is increasingly valued. It's not about suppressing emotions but understanding and navigating them effectively.

The narrative that women are 'less than' is a societal construct. Our true strength comes from within; it's about recognizing our manifesting abilities and the power to shape our lives.

The Journey to Self-Acceptance:

Forgiveness is key—forgiving old patterns and societal conditioning that made us fear femininity. It's about choosing to believe in our inherent strength and worthiness.

Embracing femininity isn't seeking validation; it's about celebrating our unique selves. Whether it's makeup, hairstyles, or clothing, it's a celebration of our individuality and expression.

Thank you for being part of this empowering conversation. Remember, within us lies the power to embrace femininity fearlessly and authentically. Until next time, celebrate your uniqueness and embrace your femininity with pride!