A powerful day of movement, intuitive guidance, art, and breathwork to connect to your heart and be in loving community.

Spend a day stepping into YOUR true power! It is TIME to shift, evolve and grow. Every human on the planet is being asked to level up and shine. Are you ready?

It is time to step out of the costume of "I dont know" or "I'm afraid" or "I just don't know how." Into the TRUE power that you were born with. If you are ready for this journey, then join us for a one-day event that will change you forever!

Conscious Connection with Laura Di Giovanni

We will begin the day with a playful exploration of the senses. Laura will be leading a beautiful blend of movement, awareness, sound bath, and energy balancing. Unlock your inner wisdom with knowledge from tools you carry within. Some aspects of work with Laura are:‚Äč

  • Intention setting¬†

  • Self check-ins (energetically and physically)
  • Sound bath¬†with¬†energy balancing, and

  • Intuitive self-practice

Within Laura's practice she will help unlock your body's innate ability to self motivate on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, as well as, strengthen your connection to your higher self. Laura's intention is to empower you to tap into your true potential and wisdom.

Intuitive Guidance with Dr. Divi Chandna

In this session, international mind-body medicine expert Dr. Divi Chandna will guide you to:

  • Get to the root of what is stopping you in life

  • Learn the steps to truly heal, live and embrace your authentic, magical life

  • Learn how to use the Abundance in the Universe and allow it to deposit into your finger tips

  • Create¬† miracles in your life

One of Dr. Divi's gifts of intuition is to help people see their "biggest blocks". That block is what is stopping you from having the life of your dreams.

You may or may not know what it is, but if you are stuck, that block is still in the way.

Dr. Divi's gift and role this workshop is to help you see it and move it. 

Breathwork with Krystal Charlotte

Finish the day with a full breathwork journey with Krystal Charlotte.

Breathwork is a powerful somatic practice which supports you in clearing energy within the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

This can result in profound and dramatic healing in many forms.

  • Experience increased feelings of safety, joy, love and empowerment
  • Understand and shift long-held patterns and beliefs that no longer benefit you
  • Improve your emotional understanding and regulation, leading to stronger, more satisfying relationships with others and with yourself

Each journey is a very unique experience which will give you new insights, clarity and healing. You will be guided by music and supported by trained Breathwork practitioners.

** No previous experience required. **

Intuitive Art with Vince Luciani

Vince’s group readings are expressive, light and fun to help you better understand the energy present in your body.

The intuitive art sessions are intended for you to feel your creations, no previous experience required as Vince believes everyone is an artist. 

  • ¬†Connect to and express your body‚Äôs energy through artistic expression
  • ¬†Vince will channel readings for the group to show the energy present in your spine
  • ¬†Vince will channel symbols for each participant unique to your energetic body that will help harmonize your energy

The intention of Vince’s sessions is to guide you through your body to connect all of your innate gifts to your purest expression of truth.

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July 27, 2024

Werklab Inc.                               $599

1275 Venables St

Vancouver, BC


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“The body knows where to go for our deepest healing, we just
need to give it the tools and space to take us there.‚ÄĚ
 -Krystal Charlotte