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EPISODE 10: Finding Safety and Peace inside of yourself.

Feb 25, 2024

Hey there, it's Dr. Divi, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to another episode of Ease into Clarity. This podcast isn't just about discussions; it's a space where we navigate the twists and turns of daily life using mental, emotional, and spiritual techniques. So, grab your hot chocolate, settle in, and let's dive into transformative insights together. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button

Trauma and Relationships

Today's episode is about something quite personal and deeply impactful: trauma and its link to our relationships. Now, here's something I've observed in my work and personal life—a tendency to attribute our feelings in relationships to what our partner does or doesn't do. Do you catch yourself saying, "My partner doesn't do this, and that's why I feel this way"? our childhood experiences, often marked by some level of trauma or unfulfilled needs, shape our energy fields. These unresolved aspects tend to resurface in our adult lives, often through our choice of partners and in the dynamics of our relationships

Reflections and Realizations

I've got some journal prompts for you. Take a moment, jot down what you desire most from your partner, what you feel they do or don't do, and how it makes you feel. Now, look at these responses and ask yourself: Where in my childhood did I feel unsupported, unsafe, or lacking peace? It's a moment of truth when you realize that what you're seeking from your partner mirrors what you missed in your earlier years. Here's the kicker: it's not your partner's job to mend those wounds. It's on us to heal ourselves.

Embracing Self-Discovery

Step into the observer mode within yourself. See the parts that feel unsafe or unsupported without becoming them. Take a few breaths, acknowledging those parts within you. In this space, invite your divine support team—angels, guides, love's energy—to surround you. You'll start sensing that the safety, peace, and support you crave aren't just external desires but internal truths waiting for recognition.

I encourage you to keep nurturing the relationship with yourself. Understand that seeking fulfillment in our partners is a natural inclination, but the real journey towards healing begins within us. Remember, every step taken towards self-awareness and healing contributes to the collective consciousness of love and understanding.