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MD to Intuitive Coaching?

Nov 10, 2021

I often get asked “why did you change from MD work to working as an intuitive coach?” Working in medicine has been great. Getting to know people, the human condition, our pain, and our journey is such a gift. To be witness to someone’s journey and to be able to be trusted and to be able to help and guide is such a gift! What I do find in medicine, however, is the limitations within the help I can provide.

I now understand that every condition has a mental, emotional, and spiritual component to its creation. This means that to truly heal, we must dive into our thoughts, our life stories, and our unconscious/subconscious patterning.

This is where intuition is like a magic bullet! When asking the right questions and creating a space for a client, they are given the tools to unravel their own healing journey. The questions, the space, the atmosphere is all set up by our Higher Self. The Intuitive coach taps into that Higher Space and pulls out the things to say, the questions to be asked and hence the session is guided.

It is addictive to be in that space. It is truly healing to be seen, acknowledged, and heard. It is life-changing to take charge and to take our own power back.

By recognizing the stories, we have told ourselves, we learn that within those stories comes the truth of our life creation. Many times, those stories are simply passed down.  Many times, we are taught through experience that we are not enough. We witness our parents not believing in their worth and by passive intent, we believe the same.

This kind of secondary learning, passive allowing is one of the ways we create stories that are not true and do not serve us.

As conscious adults, it is our job to recognize these stories and adjust them, change them, transform them so that we can truly live in the magic the Universe has to offer. The world is a magical place. The Universe provides infinite possibilities. We are like lab technicians, and based on our thoughts, our focus, our intent, we can shift those vibrations to create a different experience. It is entirely up to us!

The coolest thing is that as we heal, we wake up our intuition. It is such a gift watching people go on their own healing journey and then over time, step into the path of becoming an intuitive life coach. As we do our own internal work, we harness our own talents and with training and practice, we can then create a space to help others. Magic!