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Goddess Energy

What is the Divine Feminine, Goddess Energy & Why should I care?

Feb 14, 2022

This is a million-dollar question. 

What is this feminine energy that everyone is talking about – and why should I care?

Most of us have heard of the idea of “allow”, be easy, don’t push so hard, breathe. BUT HOW?!

If you were raised like I was, all I learned to do was to PUSH…

In this era, today now, the push energy is generally not working as well and if it seems like it does, you maybe getting more tired, increasingly exhausted and depleted from this approach.

The push energy, the hustle, the make it happen is classically classified as masculine. And as a society, we are getting exhausted by this. Regardless of what you are up to in your life, you know what I mean when I speak of this. We all do it. We multitask. We are busy figuring things out. We over analyze and are busy trying to make things happen.

You talk to your coach, your therapist and your friends and they have sympathy for you. Somewhere along the way, you hear of the Law of Attraction and may find yourself somewhat annoyed and possibly excited about these new ideas but have trouble implementing them. 

The reason we get stuck is because we have some dominant neuropathways, very fixed way of being that are deeply engrained in the concept of hard work. “It has to be hard if it’s worth it” and “You don’t get anything without struggle.” These kinds of messages are deeply engrained in our psyches, so we have no idea how to shift into the allowing, flowing, be easy mode.

Well, what if I said to you that this practice learned masculine behavior is asking to be shifted? What if I said to you that there is an easier way?

Turns out – there is! And it takes a bit of work, and an open mind to shift things, but it is possible for each of us. 

This is where the concept of Divine Feminine / Goddess Energy steps in. 



There are two energies: The masculine and the feminine. The feminine exists and is strong, despite most of us mostly embracing the masculine. 

Think about it for a minute- the process of making a baby – is something that science has made very medical but is in fact very Spiritual and to this day blows my mind! The birth of another human – the making of fingers, toes, blood, skin all of it is a bigger experience than just a sperm and egg coming together.

This is a great example of the power of the Feminine.

It is not about the feminine over the masculine, but about using the two in synergy. 

Did you know that within the feminine are Goddesses that can help you in all areas of your life? It is hard to believe, but regardless of what you are going through, there are energies in nonphysical that are here to support us and love us and help us through our quandary.

The thing is, we need to get comfortable with what they feel like. For example, there are Goddesses for self-worth, for relationships, for abundance, for sexuality & much more.

Each Goddess has a different energy frequency and getting to know them individually is like getting to know friends that have been waiting to support you your whole life! 

It is truly an exciting journey to get acquainted with these energies of love.

If this kind of thing excites you or invigorates you, join me for a Goddess Workshop online or in person.