I coach people with a variety of issues from health to relationships to money to business and more. I lump them all into people’s current pain points.

Everyone has a pain point, a story, an issue that gets under their skin. This pain point shifts with time. Sometimes it will be your partner, other times it maybe money and yet others it maybe your relationship with yourself.

It takes some deep diving to understand that everything we are experiencing is:

  • For us to learn from
  • Something that as we work through will help us in the long run
  • It is created by us & for our expansion
  • Our thought forms are that powerful that this pain point represents something inside of us that needs to heal.

Wooh – Dr Divi stop there!

Are you saying that I created my boss that is annoying me?

So take a breath and realize something: Quantum physics shows us that everything that is physical is actually energy in motion. So even your boss is energy or moving particles.

The principle of oneness teaches us that everything is one. This means that you are your boss and your boss is you. So think of it this way: “If my boss was an extension of me, what in me is showing up that way?”

For example: my boss represents the part of me that doesn’t think I’m good enough (because she berates me all the time) or my boss represents the part of me that doesn’t think I’m deserving (because I get the smallest bonuses at year-end).

These are just examples of how you apply this concept. And having worked with thousands of clients, I have witnessed & experienced that when you shift and heal that thought within you (that says I’m not deserving) – then quantum physics responds and the physical external boss has a chance to show up differently. It is like magic!

So now taking a breath, can you possibly see that the pain point you are experiencing is actually a chance – an opportunity for us to heal something within us?

In order to get to that point, we have to be willing to take a deep dive. We have to be willing to:

  • Slow down
  • Breathe
  • Meditation (as meditation helps us to identify/witness our thoughts)
  • With the witnessing comes non-attachment
  • Notice you are not your thoughts
  • Be willing to be brutally honest with what you make think
  • Use your emotions as your opening to what your thoughts are
  • The emotions (heaviness/anger/fear etc) are the ones you want to use!
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Recognize that the majority of your thoughts – you were taught
  • Those thoughts can be changed… This represents Power!
  • Use a coach or a guide to help you
  • This is deep work! And remember – this is a GIFT for you!

With deep love and gratitude-

Dr Divi